Influencer Marketing Write for Us

Influencer Marketing Write For Us

What is influencer marketing?

Exactly what it sounds like. To promote your brand, get an influential person to share it with their followers.

This guide provides examples of brands that are masters of influencer marketing, including statistics that show how effective their influencer campaigns could be.

When we think of influencers, Instagram usually comes to mind – beautiful people and photogenic products. While Instagram is the preferred channel, plenty of influencers are active on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, etc. But the whole thing is not limited to social media. You will be amazed at how many influential bloggers there are online.

What social media threw into the room were pictures.

Before, we could read about a new lipstick, car, or sneaker while looking at a photo of someone flaunting the product.

Influencer definition

What is an influencer?

An influencer is somebody who influences the purchasing decisions of others – including you and me. You are often considered an authority in your field and are therefore particularly credible.

Social media is the perfect place for influencers. There you can increase your follower community, which values ​​your opinion. There are several ways to become an influencer:

  • Celebrities – the original influencers who have a considerable audience but are correspondingly expensive
  • Industry experts and thought bests – qualified in a specific niche – on the macro and micro level
  • Bloggers – a lot of followers and readers who value their opinion.

While having a high number of followers is impressive, it only confirms that a person is famous. To be influential, you also have to instill trust.

How new is Influencer Marketing?

Many articles are claiming that influencer marketing is the next megatrend. With its fantastic results, it is the thing of the future.

In the 1920s, Coca-Cola hired someone new for its marketing campaigns. A plump gentleman in a red suit with a big smile. His case trim with white fur, and his face decorates with a large, bushy, white beard. His name?

Whether Coca-Cola created this version of Santa Claus is the stuff of marketing legends and possibly a future blog post. But we are sure that he became one of the most famous influencers of all time.

So no. Influencer marketing is not the next megatrend but an old shoe that has been popular for a long time.

It is true, however, that influencer marketing has seen a rapid rise in recent times. Where does it come from? What has put the traditional digital advertising market in its place?

Why every brand needs influencers?

The traditional advertising market had to put up with a lot. And also, as consumers, we are off by brands with aggressive sales techniques. Instead, we trust people. 92% trust product recommendations from individuals instead of brand promises.

When was the last spell you paid attention to a banner ad? Or do you suffer from banner blindness? For those who are annoyed with banner ads, ad blockers are just the thing. According to Google, the average click rate for banners is 0.06%.

How should we as marketers approach this problem? The obvious answer is social media marketing. Tweet, share, like – we spend hours on social media. But with a few hundred followers, our reach won’t get us very far.

However, social media networks that recognize their advertising value have made it more difficult for companies to score points with organic posts. Facebook changed its news feeds so that users can see more status updates from friends and family. Business pages have lost their visibility.

How can influencers help your business?

Influencers are brand ambassadors who use social media to increase their credibility on a particular topic. A good influencer can convince his followers to change their buying behavior. You can use influencer content to promote your brand, grow your business, and build consumer trust.

Therefore, you can choose one of two options – organic or paid. While the organic approach works, your influencer will be more proactive if you’re willing to pay a wage.

Here’s a look at how an influencer can help your brand:

  • Writing an article, making a video about your product or service
  • Promotion of your brand in its social media accounts
  • Publication of your guest post on his website

If you’re lucky, there are plenty of influencers out there willing to promote your brand for free simply because they love your product.

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