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Blockchain enables data to be transmitted transparently, securely, and traceably to decentralized networks. The technology attracted attention for the first time as the basis for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but it offers significantly more application possibilities. But how does the blockchain work, and what are the advantages of this technology?

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain decentrally organized database that registers current information and saves it in data blocks—these provide a block number. Cryptographic algorithms chain them together. That means that nobody can subsequently change or delete a fixed data block. That has a particular advantage, especially with digital means of payment, so-called cryptocurrencies:

Trust in a decentralized administration

A network of individual computers achieves the blockchain. If someone wants to make a new entry, such as booking a cryptocurrency unit, this must be checked and validated by a certain number of network participants. Only then can access be made in a new block. That creates trust in the validity of the processes without the need for a central institution such as a bank.

What role does blockchain play in mining bitcoins?

Bitcoin was the first known presentation of blockchain technology in 2009. The idea is to create a digital currency that can be reliably traded over a distributed network without an intermediate such as banks. There is a universal, open cash book so that no one can write and spend any number of Bitcoin units on their account. That is the Bitcoin blockchain and contains all account balances and transactions.

Therefore, anyone can participate in the network and validate ongoing transactions and contribute to blocking generation. Since the regular updating of the data chain depends on the use of the individual participants and the computing power made available, those involved receive bitcoins as remuneration. That is also the only way to get a cryptocurrency unit without buying it from another participant.

What is Mining?

Firstly, the value of a Bitcoin is determined from the computational exertion done to maintain the network – mining. In the meantime, large computing farms are taking over Bitcoin mining, but this is associated with high energy costs. According to homework by Cambridge University, the Bitcoin network currently consumes about as much energy as all of Switzerland.

Cryptocurrency ecosystem and FinTech services

The idea of ​​this decentralized and therefore innovative means of payment spread quickly. Cryptocurrencies promise unlimited, fast money traffic that is not and does not have to be controlled by central banks and states. And also, the software behind it is open source. That means that information on how to create your blockchains is freely available. It, in turn, means that hundreds of new cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and Ripple have emerged in a short time. Each has its rewards and areas of application. At the same time, a whole crypto-economy with marketplaces (exchanges), mining companies, analysts, and other financial service providers has emerged. At the same time, there are also problems, such as strongly fluctuating exchange rates compared to legal tender in the individual countries.

Shaping the future with the blockchain

Except for the Internet, there has never been a technology that has been adopted by global players as quickly as the blockchain. And also, the decentralized networks have the potential to change the economy and industry fundamentally. However, the actors have the opportunity to reduce their costs, increase efficiency and create more transparency. In addition, intelligent energy networks and intelligent traffic management can contribute a lot to the energy transition. However, used correctly and responsibly by companies, the blockchain is a real revolution that can serve society and the environment.

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