Affinity Marketing Write for Us
affinity marketing write for us

Affinity Marketing

At a time of the perpetual fall in the reach of our publications on social networks, we live the revolution of it. And also, many brands and businesses are using digital advertising, which offers unique opportunities for targeting and creativity.

Expenses increase each year, and prices also increase even if, for the moment, the costs remain well below the other available vectors. And also, pay to hope to be seen and enter a downward spiral. However, this model is simply unsustainable in the long term, and is it effective in developing a strong emotional bond with our brands?

Building a relationship is essential

Nowadays, purchasing decisions more than ever broken in by the feeling of affinity that potential customers have with the brand they choose. And also, consumers seek an alignment of values, authenticity, a strong emotional bond that goes far beyond the product or service offered.

What is affinity marketing?

You are undoubtedly familiar with the AIDA model.

However, there is a hell of a difference between consciousness and affinity.  And also, the path from the first to the second is much longer than you might think. Awareness of a brand means that we know it, while the affinity shows that we care about it in the noble sense of the term! It is nothing more or less about developing a bond, an authentic and strong relationship.

However, it takes time between two human beings, requires delicacy, and is openly allied with the time spent with the other. For a brand or a company, the various “points of contact” are all elements that make it possible to create this link and give it a cheerful “color.” It has done that. The conquered customers amplify the message through famous word of mouth and their recommendations. But you still have to be able to be noticed and then move on to the next steps.

Therefore, if the primary mechanism remains the same, the environment in which we live and the aversion to advertising make traditional approaches almost ineffective!

Today, more than ever, we need to adopt a new type of marketing that allows us to interact with our potential customers and establish a solid personal connection with them.

How to Develop an Affinity Marketing Strategy

affinity marketing write for us
Numerous studies have shown this:

Affinity develops when people want to spend time with a brand. However, in this sense the notion of printing is not very useful.  And also, the number of impressions has no relation to the appearance we generate with the audience!

No more than the techniques which aim at the fastest possible conversion, which end up saturating the targeted people like a peddler who blocks the door of his prospect with a ski boot to push him a product in the fridge.

However, Affinity Marketing strategy consists of putting all your energy into creating content that delivers value to our audience in their daily lives without any direct intention of pushing them to get their hands on the wallet. Therefore, it is necessary to be good at his job and become a real media in his own right.

That means being able to supply multiple platforms regularly and qualitatively with a series of super engaging content both in terms of content and form ( podcasts, vodcasts, videos, books, etc. ). The approach must be micro-targeted and create a deep and authentic engagement of the audience, thus generating a greater affinity with our brand.  Therefore, it’s about propelling them into a virtuous circle!

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