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What exactly is an Accountant?

Accountant writes for Us – An accountant is an employee in the company who works in accounting. Since accounting is a broad term with many sub-categories and the time is not protected, training in the commercial sector is sufficient for this designation. Therefore, Many accountants have degrees in economics or business administration.

With an apprenticeship, training to become an accountant must often take a few months to a year to complete before you can work in the company’s accounting department. An accountant’s skills must be a prerequisite for dealing with Booking software, Basic knowledge of labor, social security, wage tax law, and a good feeling for dealing with numbers. It is also an advantage if the accountant has analytical skills and knowledge of foreign languages.

Likewise, one can become an accountant through advanced training programs – a well-respected management position in the company.

Which tasks are part of the job?

An accountant is responsible for the booking of all business transactions in a company. That includes a Profit and Loss Account with all income and expenditure and assets and liabilities, wages and salaries, the Annual financial statements, and, if necessary, interim reports such as half-yearly financial statements. In addition, an accountant has to contact customers and employees from other departments in the event of complications and clarify them.

The end of the year is an integral part of this as it shows how the company has developed financially. A balance sheet draw up using the revenue surplus account, or the Profit and Loss Account prepared depending on the company.

Accountants are an essential part of the company, as the results of their work form the basis for decisions within a company. The term “financial accounting” is also often used for the profession of an accountant.

What types are there?

As already mentioned, the term accountant can divide into different areas of responsibility in accounting.

The umbrella term Financial accounting can be found in the accounts payable and Accounts Receivablesplit up. The charges payable clerk takes care of booking all incoming invoices from the company’s suppliers or service providers. There are also the accounts receivable clerks who take care of the outgoing invoices that still have to be paid by the company’s customers.

In addition, there are the so-called payroll clerks. A Payroll clerk takes care of the payment of wages and salaries to the employees and the timely and correct payment of all duties and taxes. The so-called asset management deals with those assets of the immaterial company, such as real estate and machines. Dunning and invoicing use to automate processes and thus increase efficiency. There should be ready-made documents for specific functions so that, for example, automatic reminders guide the person concerned in the event of late payment.

Who does an Accountant work with?

Accountant Write for Us

An accountant should always be in close contact with all departments in the company to be aware of any changes. An accountant works with the tax office to the extent that he submits the completed documents to the tax office and contacts them if there are any problems or questions.

Tax advisors take on a large part of the accounting work and are therefore an alternative to accountants. So if a company decides to do so, a tax advisor to put this work in hand takes on the most critical tasks. The accounting only needs to be prepared. This decision should carefully consider, as an accounting department makes sense in many companies to guarantee good traceability and flow of information within the company. In addition, a tax advisor can mean high costs.

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