Long-tail keywords are a part of the basic SEO tactics. Apart from being valuable o he business owners who are trying hard for their content to rank in the organic google searches, he is more valuable for marketers and advertisers who run paid search marketing campaigns. Basically, in layman terms, long-tail keywords are 3 o 4 or even a few numbers of words or phrases which are very specific o what a visitor is more likely to use a point closer to making a purchase.   Get the most of reliable SEO services in India.

long-tail keywords

How does long ail keywords help?

Le’s take an example. Say, you are a company that sells contemporary furniture, the chances of your page appearing on the top of a google search are highly doubtful. It is simply because the competition is too much and especially if you are a small company or a start-up. But if you specialize in a particular type of contemporary furniture say art deco furniture in contemporary, then the keywords as “contemporary art-deco inspired dining table” will find reliable customers who are specifically looking yo buy the exact type of product.

Definitive and higher rate of conversion

Simplifying further, extremely specific muli word keywords and phrases end o rank better than the generic single or double word keywords. And, from the example above, it is clear that people are likely to search using long-tail keywords, and are more definitive about what they want to purchase.

Plus, using the same keyword again and again can have a negative influence on your page. Using long-tail keywords naturally, with other words helps in creating specific content for the web page. This gives a better opportunity for the webpage to rank in the long run. The long-tail keywords in web pages attract good traffic, which does not bounce back to another page and hence increasing the page visits also.

Here is comparatively lesser competition

With generic keywords, the field is wide, but with long-tail keywords, one is specific, and it is also a more simplified way to connect with the audience. Writing good quality content surely gains the attraction from the search engines, but using long-tail keywords in the content helps in focusing on the content. Hence there is a better chance of a higher ranking on the google search page.

Summing up the advantages of long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are very advantageous.

  • Definitely higher conversion rates
  • Since there is less competition, it is less expensive.
  • Helps in connecting with the audience better
  • Helps in creating rich content pages
  • Impressive search volumes

Finding the long-tail keywords

It is easy to find long-tail keywords with a keyword research tool. There are many keyword research tools, with paid and free versions. The free version shows keywords along with long-tail keywords but every paid version presents with detailed statistics to help with the proper keyword so that the content is ranking.

An Ultimate Guide to Integrating Long-tail Keywords

There is no denying the fact that the foundation of SEO is implementing an effective keyword research tool while integrating the list of keywords or phrases in the site’s content. Here are some ways to ensure the same:

  • Defining Content Purpose: Before effectively integrating long-tail keywords into the blog posts, it is recommended to define the overall purpose of the content. The more serious you get about your content strategy, the better results you can expect in the long run.
  • Understanding Buyer Personas: Creating as well as maintaining buyer personas can help in making your content marketing strategy easier and highly effective. Personas can help in understanding the available prospects easily.
  • Writing Content Based on Long-tail Keywords: Content creation might be a challenging task. However, with proper content writing strategy, you can ensure writing content that is based on it. Ensure the implementation of long-tail search queries that will lead Google to deliver highly directed traffic to your site.
  • Using it in Headlines: Whatever type of content you are creating –blogs, news, press releases, and so more, the headline of the content is a vital factor. Once you are capable of nailing the perfect headline of your content, you can be easily positioned higher in the relevant search results. To ensure the same, it is recommended to include long-tail keywords in the headlines of your content.
  • Using Keywords Naturally: If you wish to ensure the best outcomes for your keyword research & placement strategy, try using the same as naturally as possible. While long-tail keywords might appear unnatural, you must integrate the same in your content to appear natural.

Before beginning to write a blog or a post, it is best to do a research on the keywords. With the help of a keyword research tool, find the right phrases that are specific to your products and services. Make the most of relevant SEO services in India.