Putlocker is a website that connects users with online media streaming that allows them to watch a variety of movies and television shows.
While the issue is open for discussion, many countries believe that sites like Putlocker violate copyright law. And, therefore, users may face the consequences. For that reason, handlers are advised to take measures to protect their online privacy and hide their identity when using the site.

As the site links to external flows, there is a possibility that users are victims of bugs malware and other security threats from those links. Therefore, users must also take online security measures when using the site.

The most important and useful online security and privacy tool that we would recommend to all readers and users when using Putlocker is a VPN, which can hide your online identity and protect it from security threats by encrypting your online data.

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What is putlockers2?

What is putlockers2?

Putlockers2 is a similar website as like putlocker that contains an online index of hosted multimedia files, including television programs, Hollywood movies, and music. The site itself doesn’t host any of the content that users can transmit but allows users to find and access files hosted.

Putlockers born in the UK as putlocker.com, and its popularity increased. At the beginning of 2012, it had an average of approximately 800,000 visitors in a day, and this doubled after Megaupload, a similar site, was closed due to alleged copyright infringement, although the closure was completely voluntary.

However, the growth in users, which peaked in 2016, with putlocker ranked as one of the 250 most viewed sites on the Internet, and the top 150 in the United States, also led putlocker to receive similar unwanted attention.

Several attempts have been made for Putlocker to close or block over the years, which has caused the URL of the sites to change many times.

They first moved to putlocker.bz, but the United Kingdom Police Crimes confiscated this site Against Intellectual Property Unit in June 2014. The website was then moved to an Icelandic domain like putlockers. Since Oct 2016, this URL has just displayed an error message. This happened at the time when the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), a trade body representing major Hollywood studios, reported the site to the Office of the United States Trade Representative.

Putlockers.com started working again, sending users to putlocker.ch, but this site was also quickly seized after a decision of the Luxembourg Court of Justice in a case filed by the Belgian Entertainment Association.

Is Putlockers2 Ban?

At first glance, yes, And if you have read any of the above, you are likely to hazard pretentious than the answer is no. But in reality, it is a much more complicated question to answer than that.

Many countries, such as the US The United States, the United Kingdom, and the EU, and hence the ISPs within those countries, consider Putlocker as a site that infringes the copyright rule. It’s not uncommon for ISPs to send notices of copyright infringement to users who have watched movies and television shows on Putlockers.

This is because of the US Copyright Office. He has clearly explained that if a reproduction cannot be copied, perceived or communicated, then there has been no legal violation. Laws in the European Union have a similar definition, although current cases involving the Kodi media player and its add-ons have confused the water there a bit.

But legal experts would say that, according to the current law in the US. UU. And the EU, the transmission of content cannot leave the person who observes it in violation of the law. The person who uploaded the file is responsible and, therefore, infringes the copyright rule. The query of whether the site itself is breaking the rules is also arguable, but many courts of law have ruled against Putlocker on this point.


That said, it is vital to insert a word of caution at this crisis. Because the streaming movie, tv-show, is not as simple as watching it on a website. And in some cases, the online transmission may create a temporary file on the user’s computer.

These temporary files are controversial and another area where the law in the US. UU. And the EU has not yet reached an agreement. Some law court has ruled that these files constitute a download and, therefore, leave a user in violation of copyright laws.

All of which means that there is no definitive answer to this question. If Putlocker is legal or illegal, it depends a lot on where you are and what you do on the website.

If you are streaming movie, tv-show, content and can be sure that the files are not stored on your device, likely, you are not violating the rule. But if you are transferring, uploading, or sharing content from the website, most courts of justice will probably conclude that you are doing so.

Is Putlockers 2 Safe?

Again, this is a question that requires a complete answer than merely yes or no.

The opinion of people who routinely use Putlocker is that it is. A comment site found that 79% of regular users considered the site reliable, while 73% also considered it a safe website for children to use. For some people, these do not seem to be particularly high results. But for a website that links to a wide range of content, it is actually quite good and certainly beats many of its closest competitors.

But that does not mean that users should rest on their laurels because sites like Putlocker can sometimes present a series of security problems that users should at least know.


First, and perhaps most importantly, it is essential to talk about viruses. Putlocker themself does not host the content that users are viewing and, therefore, cannot be 100% sure of the security of the files being displayed.

Is Putlockers2 Safe

As we noted earlier, even if you are only streaming a movie. You may be able to download temporary files to your device. Therefore, it is also possible that malware and other malicious content may also be transmitted.

Users are encouraged to view comments on the content on the page. And follow all the standard steps to protect themselves from such threats, as we will see in more detail below.

Mirror sites: Since Putlocker has been forced to change URLs quite frequently, there are several different addresses that users will find as Putlockers.

Some of these will be old addresses that no longer work. But others may be fake addresses that have been configured by hackers to try to attract Putlocker 9 users. And then trick them into downloading malware and other malicious programs. Many of these websites are identical to the real ones. And some will even broadcast content in the same way, but what is happening behind the scenes is the real threat.

Users should always try to use the latest official URL of Putlocker (see above). And if that stops working in the future, do your research cautiously before choosing for alternative URL. And putlocker will move to another website, but many other fake ones can also arise at the same time.


A common complaint about Putlocker is the number of pop-up ads generated by the site. This is how site operators earn money with it, but at best, they are annoying and, at worst, dangerous.

There have been previous reports of Putlocker pop-ups that lead to unreliable sites, adult sites, and unsafe sites.

The best way to stabilize this is to have a pop-up blocker enabled, as well as the usual security software.

Forced redirection: In addition to pop-ups, there have also been reports of Putlocker links that redirect users to exterior sites. Again, some of these website sites have contained inappropriate content or have been potentially dangerous for handlers.

As with pop-ups, the usual safety software should prevent. These sites from opening, but it is no less important that users be careful.

Additional downloads:

Some users have also reported that Putlocker has tried to persuade. Or times has even forced users to use their download tool unnecessarily.

As we have pointed out above, it is not recommended to download any Putlocker content. As it is very likely to constitute an illegal act. But just as significant, the probability is that you are going to download more than only the multimedia files you want to see.

The usual security software should prevent malicious content from being downloaded and activated. But our suggestion would be for all Putlocker operators to refrain from downloading any material from the website.

But for all that, we would suggest that when used with caution. And with the accurate safety software in place, Putlocker can be an excellent place to use and should be safe.

Safety tools for use with Putlocker 9.

When it question of ensuring your privacy and anonymity when using Putlocker. There is a tool that is well above the rest and that all Putlocker users must be running. I’ll get to that in a moment.

First, several tools should be used exclusively for security purposes. And to address the possible security issues that we have discussed above. They are:

Antivirus software: a piece of professional antivirus software is a necessity for all Internet users these days, but especially for those who make use of sites like Putlocker. Because there is a possibility that malware and other malicious software are downloaded from the website. And also vital to have a tool that can identify such files. And prevent them from running on your device and damaging your hardware or data.

We usually suggest that you choose one of the biggest names in the market. Since they have more complete databases of blacklisted content. But whatever provider you go to, you must ensure that the databases are always up to date. Make sure updates are being downloaded automatically to ensure you always have the best possible protection.


The biggest problem reported with Putlocker has been around unwanted ads. So having a good ad blocker on the site should keep them to a minimum.

There have been reports that the website tries to make users disable their ad blockers at times.

This shouldn’t take place, but if it does. The users should be cautious about doing so and looking for an alternative route to the content they want to see.

Pop-up Blocker: Many users have lamented pop-up ads in Putlocker. So an active pop-up blocker can be used to prevent this irritating problem from affecting your site’s enjoyment.

With those three essential tools in place, using Putlocker should be a safer and less irritating experience. But this is another tool that should be essential for all Putlocker users.


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