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direct marketing write for us


Direct marketing write for us – Direct marketing distinguishes itself from other forms of advertising and marketing through more individuality. However, find out what measures there are in this area and what characterizes them. You will also get to know some legal features and get ideas for your strategy.

Direct marketing: definition + advantages and disadvantages

Direct marketing fluctuates from other forms of marketing in that the addressees vocal directly and often asked to respond. However, this stimulus for interaction is known as the response element. Typical examples are letters with reply cards, competitions, or telephone acquisitions.

However, with direct marketing, companies pursue two overarching goals: acquiring new customers and retaining customers. Individualized marketing that builds on existing information is particularly suitable for maintaining existing customers.

Take advantage of direct marketing, but also keep an eye on the disadvantages. The following table shows you both:


  • Refinement of customer data with the help of responses and, as a result, more individual approaches with less wastage
  • Good measurability of success by evaluating the reactions to individual measures
  • Interactions as effective measures of customer and prospect loyalty


  • Can be perceived by recipients as a nuisance
  • It is subject to data protection and competition law restrictions

Direct mail, dialogue marketing & Co. – Classifications in direct marketing

Different measures can be assigned to direct marketing, which is why several other terms have emerged. The two classifications described below built on further questions.

Which goal is the focus?

Direct marketing is primarily about customer acquisition or customer loyalty. How these primary goals are to stay achieved, however, varies with the individual measures:

Direct mail :
It includes all individualized advertising measures, whereby in addition to personal addressing, the restriction by region or age group can also count as individualization. Therefore, as with classic advertising, the main goal is to advertise your offers. Examples generally addressed letters, individualized newsletters, and regionally adapted advertising brochures.

Dialogue marketing (direct response marketing) :
In dialogue marketing, the focus is on the request to react, which makes the response particularly important. Examples are catalogs with integrated order cards or flyers with discount coupons.

Database marketing :
It also uses response elements. The main goal is to evaluate the reactions and to incorporate them into a customer database. And also, it enables better individualization of subsequent marketing measures—a typical example requests to participate in surveys through various media.

Therefore, the individual sub-areas complement each other. Because responses provide information for the customer database, with the help of which the company can, in turn, advertise more individually and stimulate interactions.

The most popular measures in direct marketing

direct marketing write for us

Are you wondering how you can use direct marketing specifically for your company? Get to know some of the measures better. However, the above-described division into passive, reaction-oriented, and interaction-oriented direct marketing used as a rough breakdown.

The customization typical of direct mail can remain achieved with simple means, as the following examples show:

Advertising mail without addressing :

However, that can include advertising letters, brochures, or product samples. Delivery is regionally limited. And also, a typical example is promotional flyers with special offers from a regional retailer.

Advertising mail with addressing :

However, greater individualization is possible if advertising material is sent directly to specific people. The prerequisite for this is existing addresses, ideally in connection with further information.

Emails :

Therefore, you can automatically customize personalized newsletters and emails using the appropriate tools. Firstly, sending emails to private individuals for advertising purposes is only permitted if the recipient has given his or her express consent, e. B. via an online form or by personal signature.

Online advertising :

Online advertising can, e.g., B. individualize very well automatically through retargeting or as social media advertising. Therefore, retargeting sets cookies for visitors to certain websites, most online shops, to display advertisements that match their interests on other pages visited.

Outdoor advertising :

The targeted placement of outdoor advertising on billboards, lightboxes, or transport means can also address particular addressees. And also, advertising for hotels at train stations and airports aimed at z. B. directly to travelers.

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