Actionable Strategies to Step Up Your Email Marketing Game in 2023


Actionable Strategies to Step Up Your Email Marketing Game in 2023- Are you planning your marketing strategy for 2023? Don’t forget about email marketing, a crucial inbound marketing tool. Marketing through emails is an evergreen technique; although it has been around for decades, it continues to be a useful tool.

How Does Email Marketing Compare to Other Strategies?

With people receiving multiple emails in a day, many wonder how this tool can become a useful marketing strategy. While email marketing is an old tool, it needs to be adapted to the changing times.

Over time, email marketing ROI has only increased. In 2015, it was estimated that for every $1 spent on email marketing strategies, it generated $38 in return; that is an astounding ROI of 3800%! It is safe to assume that in 2023, where people are mostly reliant on digital platforms for their marketing, the power of email marketing has only grown.

What Strategies to Adopt?

As mentioned earlier, while email-based marketing strategies may be evergreen, they are useful if they can adapt to the changing times. Methods used a decade ago will not be as effective today. To ensure success, organizations need to prepare a strategic marketing plan and build authentic relationships with their clients.

This marketing strategy is effective as it allows you to build on your relationship with your clients. It will enable you to share valuable information with your clients, which helps them achieve their goals and, in turn, increases your conversion rate and revenue. It builds a mutually beneficial relationship.

When planning your email marketing strategy for 2023, here is what you can keep in mind:

Intriguing Pre-Headers

Sure, the subject line is essential, but do you know what actually increases open rates? Pre-headers do! While a witty subject line may be enough to capture your client’s attention, if a pre-header is not sufficiently intriguing, they are more likely to pass up on opening your email. A pre-header comes right after the subject line; hence, it needs to be intriguing and provide just enough information to your client to keep them interested in your email.

Sharing Brand Values

While the world was gripped in uncertainty during 2020, many brands and organizations stepped up to show that it is not all about profits but rather about caring for their clients and the world in general. In 2023, customers are likely to expect brands to continue this behavior.

It is best to build your connection with your clients by sharing your brand values and stories of change from time to time. Not only does it help you inspire your clients, but it also shows your brand in a more favorable light and helps you contribute to creating a better world!

Write a PS at the End of Your Email

Imagine you are trying to eat a delicious pastry that you bought for lunch, but just as you are about to bite into it, someone has an urgent task for you to complete! While it is frustrating, you aren’t likely to forget it anytime soon.

Popularly known as the Zeigarnik Effect, it is a psychological phenomenon where you are more likely to recall an event that has been interrupted. With a PS, you can break the monotony of an email and provide clients with a skimmable email.

Sometimes, clients are likely to read the PS before they even read the rest of the email! Hence, designing an appropriate PS can help you increase the effectiveness of your CTA.

Clients Don’t Understand Technical Jargon.

Emails can be long and boring, which is why it is crucial to keep your email engaging, interactive, and skimmable! It is essential to understand persuasive writing and using easy to understand language. Your clients are not likely to comprehend professional jargon and will skip through such emails.

To ensure that your email is opened, keep it light and easy to understand. You aim to provide them with light, bite-sized information that they can understand with just a glance, which is made easier when you avoid technical jargon.

Take Personalisation Seriously

Personalized emails have long been a useful tool. However, personalization does not simply end with including the name of your client in the email. To ensure that a client feels recognized, you will need to take personalization one step further. Start by sending them special discounts or emails during their birthday.

You can take personalization one step further by observing your brand’s behavior and generating emails related to stuff they purchase or look through. Using email marketing tools help you create personalized tools easily.

When planning your email strategy, email marketing tools are crucial. You can either opt for exclusive tools or opt for a general marketing tool that includes email strategies. Exclusive email marketing tools should seamlessly integrate with your existing marketing strategies. Using such tools help you create and build your mailing list to assist you with converting more clients.

The effectiveness of email-based marketing strategies increase every year, and it remains a useful marketing tool. Building upon your existing strategies and working on adapting them helps ensure better results and ROI.