Did you know that 74% of consumers are happy to buy gift cards from small businesses? That means that gift cards and gift certificates aren’t just for the national chains.

In fact, gift certificates can make an effective marketing tool for your small business. They’re one of the only forms of advertisement that consumers pay you for.

Why should you start seeing gift certificates not just as a sort of product but as a marketing tool?

Read on to find out how gift cards and gift certificates can be a profitable part of your marketing strategy.

Gift Certificates Attract New Customers

Gift certificates are often given as gifts, which means that your gift certificates will often end up in the hands of brand new customers. Getting a gift certificate is even better than getting a recommendation from a friend about where to shop. When a customer has a gift certificate, they’re going to want to use it and the only place they can is your store!

Small business owners know the value of getting a first-time customer through the door. After a gift certificate funds that first purchase, your chances are good that you’ll gain a new repeat customer.

Gift Certificates Lower Return Rates

Another reason that it benefits you that someone might receive your gift certificate as a gift? It will lower your return rates.

We’ve all received a gift that we don’t necessarily want–thus the dawn of the gift receipt. Unwanted gifts often become returns, which can cost you both time and money.

Gift certificates allow the recipient to pick out your merchandise on their own. When they get to choose what they want in person, they’re much less likely to bring it back.

Gift Certificates Can Lead to Increased Customer Spending

Of course, gift certificates generate cash up-front, which is always valuable to your business. In addition, they tend to encourage increased customer spending.

Many customers view pre-purchased gift certificates as “free” money. This often leads them to consider more expensive items which, for them, they can purchase at a “discount.” In the end, that means that you’re making more money over time!

Make Gift Certificates For Free to Get 100% Profit

The best part about using gift certificates as a marketing tool? Typically, marketing requires an upfront investment that you hope converts to sales. Gift certificates, on the other hand, increase brand awareness and count as a direct transaction.

With online gift certificate templates, you can turn your gift certificate into a marketing tool that turns a 100% profit every single time.

Don’t Overlook Using Gift Certificates as a Lucrative Marketing Tool

Gift certificates don’t just turn a profit for big businesses. Tons of consumers are looking to purchase gift certificates from small businesses, too. Don’t overlook offering gift certificates for your small business, as they make a fantastic and lucrative marketing tool.

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