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human resources write for us

Definition :

Human Resources write for us – Human resources, also known as HR or human capital, describe intangible resources that a company receives through its employees. Therefore, these include, among other things, the skills, knowledge, and motivation of the individual employees. However, the alternative term human capital lines up because it reduces employees to a purely economically exciting factor. Therefore, in 2004, the term was even named “Unword of the Year.”

Personnel management: Which fields of activity does human resource management include?

However, the HR department acts as a middleman between the employer and the rest of the employees. And also, depending on the company’s size, personnel management consists of several areas. Therefore, the focus here is usually on the personnel management and personnel administration functions. The two regions can remain broken down again, which also depends on the company’s size.

Personnel management in Human Resources:

In personnel management, the corporate goals are broken down into the individual departments in the company in a so-called top-down process. However, global corporate plans concretized, and critical figures for the departments regular with the managers. If executives and employees are involved in such a process, and their feedback is taken into account when developing the goals, this is called a bottom-up process. And also, it can provide management styles, management tools, and the corporate culture and give management models. Personnel development is a very responsible task.

Personnel management in Human Resources:

However, one of the main tasks of personnel administration is recruiting. The employees in this area advertise new positions, view the application documents, and take over the selection process suitable personnel through to recruitment. Thanks to advancing digitization, the company has even more options than the conventional application process.

The personnel officer and typical tasks in human resources

Personnel officers are the occupational group that is most frequently working in the HR departments. Her tasks include human resource management, whereby the company’s size is decisive for the scope of the area of ​​responsibility. In a large company or a group, the individual employees are more specialized in topics than in small companies, in which they cover a wide range. Still, the know-how in the respective areas does not go so deep – therefore, it is difficult to find a uniform Find a definition of the area of ​​responsibility.

The main tasks in human resource management of a personnel officer are usually:

  • Processing, such as wage and salary accounting or the maintenance of personnel files
  • Recruiting
  • Personnel selection
  • Organizational management of personnel development measures
  • Lastly, Care of the employees

What tasks does the HR manager have?

human resources write for us

Firstly, the HR manager assumes a leadership role in the HR department, as several employees report to him. A degree is a prerequisite for this position; a Bachelor of Science usually vital, and sometimes a Master’s degree is also required. A business degree focuses on human resources chosen as a rule, but it is not uncommon for graduated psychologists specializing in organizational, industrial, and industrial psychology. If someone has a pedagogical degree focusing on adult education or has a qualification as a commercial lawyer, they can also take on tasks in human resources.

Secondly, the main tasks in human resource management of a personnel manager are usually:

  • Conducting job interviews, including a decision on hiring or rejection
  • Organization and implementation of assessment centers
  • Management of personnel development measures
  • Dismissal of current staff
  • Lastly, Central contact for personnel matters

Since, in addition to the tasks mentioned above, he is also the first point of contact for various employees’ concerns, he should have a trustworthy personality and a high level of emotional intelligence, as well as other soft skills such as conflict management, empathy and flexible reaction to different circumstances. And also, in carrying out his activities, he receives support in legwork from HR administrators, HR assistants, and HR officers.

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