Top 15 Best Online Shopping Apps


Millions of people search daily for online shopping apps, wanting to get reasonable offers and security when making the purchase.


There are very demanding users and others a little more open; however, there are pages to make purchases online, which satisfy all kinds of users.
An important aspect when buying online is to select a reliable web page that has the security mechanisms to purchase with peace of mind.

Top 15 web pages and online shopping apps

An important aspect when making purchases online is to select a reliable website, which has security mechanisms to purchase with confidence. In case you are looking for an online shopping apps that guarantees all this, keeps in mind the following:

1. Amazon


It is the retailer world ‘s most famous line and a leading provider for a good buy by the Internet. It was one of the first large companies to sell goods through the Internet, the history of this site started with a simple book portal, and nowadays, it has a wide range of articles of all kinds such as products for the home, clothes, books, food, appliances, telephones, among other things.

It is a website straightforward to use and with excellent suggestions for users, also has a mobile application where you can search, compare prices, read reviews, and place orders directly from amazon cell.

2. Ebay

Ebay is another well-known online shopping app, and it has three different payment methods for its users:
Auctions: works like a real auction but also has a specific time to make purchases online.
Buy it now: in which the price set in the advertisement is respected as the final price.

Classified ad: purchase-sale of second-hand items.
It offers a wide variety of offers and discounts in the best brands in categories such as fashion, watches, beauty accessories, furniture, appliances, toys, home decoration items, electronics, sports and many more.

3. Walmart


It is a multinational corporation of stores of American origin, has a large selection of high-quality items and affordable prices.
You can find various products for home, technology, video games, clothing, food, among many other things.

4. Alibaba


It belongs to the Alibaba Group, one of the most internationally known Chinese multinationals. Alibaba works as an intermediary between sellers and buyers, in this way, the items that are purchased do not belong to Alibaba, but to other entrepreneurs who market their items on this platform.

On this website, you can see a wide variety of products such as electronic items, cell phones, tablet, beauty products, health, home, toys, industrial items, clothing, among others. There are always offers that can continuously use.

5. AliExpress


AliExpress belongs to the Alibaba group, one of the largest companies in China and one of the most influential in the market worldwide.
It offers articles in various categories in which you can find everything from beauty products to electronic devices such as cameras, cell phones, video game consoles, TV sets and many more.

6. DealeXtreme


It is a very well known and consolidated site on the Internet thanks to its wide variety of products. It is also effortless to use and well structured.
It also presents some special offers, similar to those that can be found on other websites. It is a store full of many categories of technology products for computers, cell phones, vehicle accessories, also have categories of clothing and accessories for the home, among other things, all at an affordable price.

7. GearBest


It is one of the most various online stores where you can buy all kinds of things from different countries and with the assurance that you can get the product or a refund of the money if you are not satisfied.

8. Banggood

Bang Good

It is an online gadget store based in China where you can buy without registering. It offers a wide variety of electronic products, toys, home decoration, garments, etc.

9. Target


It is an American chain that offers a variety of fashion products, entertainment, home products, toys, electronics, etc.

10. Best Buy


It is a store specialized in the commercialization of electronic products of all kinds. On this website, you can find a variety of offers and promotions during the year.

11. Dafiti – Fashion Online


The largest online fashion store in Latin America. Here you can search and find news and trends of clothing, footwear, accessories and perfumes. There are more than 300 brands that include Nike, Adidas, Diesel, converse, among others. From the app you can place the order, pay, add to the wish list and find exclusive discounts.

12. Wish – Buy is fun


It is called the Number 1 shopping center in Europe and North America, where you will find crazy prices with about 50-80% discount compared to a physical store. In Wish there are fashion products, sportswear, accessories, footwear and electronics products. Download Wish Free.

13. Forever 21


Forever21 is one of the most popular online fashion stores that also has its mobile application. From the app it is possible to navigate through the categories and each of the products to subsequently make the purchase.
In addition to exclusive discounts, full catalog and the geographic location of the nearest store. Download Forever 21 Free.

14. LightInTheBox Online Shopping


This application offers you more than 1 million products where you will find dresses for every occasion, home, electronics, fashion garments, among others.
In addition to the incredible promotions and low prices that you can see in this platform and for your greater security, the technology implemented by this app keeps your financial information confidential. Download LightInTheBox Online Shopping.

15. Locanto


Take advantage of technology and the internet to sell or buy those items that you no longer use. Search in your room or closet what you no longer use and publish this app to earn money.
Locanto has an anonymous chat to contact you in real time with the buyer or seller in private and in this way to reach an agreement. Also, not only are second-hand products, but you can also look for rent, get a job or join a band, events. Locanto is a classified app that has everything for you. Download Locanto for Android

This should be noted that for the beginning of online shopping there was not so much diversity of online stores implemented to serve more customers, but now users are beginning to believe that this method is better than physical purchases.