What are the Finance?

Finance is a branch of the economy that has to do with how money is obtained and managed. It is the set of activities that a person or company must carry out for the accumulation of wealth. Study the money markets, obtaining resources, ways of saving, and investment.

Personal finance

Personal finances are aimed at managing your income and expenses. The important thing so that you can have adequate control of them is that you are aware of the ability to pay to buy products or consume services. This will make you not spend more than you earn and you will benefit from knowing that your debt level is minimal.

Finance of a business

As for the finances of a business, it is everything that your accountant manages typically, that is, income, profits, liquidity, money flow, level of indebtedness, etc. Everything that has to do with the management of economic resources. The key for a business to have a positive financial statement is to make optimal and efficient use of these resources so that real growth will be noticed.

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