Instagram, unlike Facebook or Twitter, is an excellent visual marketing channel. Therefore, it will help you target a specific audience and grow your business exponentially. However, if you want to be more proficient in that regard, you will need to grow instagram followers.

How are you going to do that?

Well, it’s not really *that* easy – not at all. For that, you will need to improve your profile, create engaging posts, and fulfill a lot of the other criteria.

Keep reading this editorial till the end to find out more about it.

A Guide To Increasing Your Follower Count

Let’s drop deeper into the rabbit hole and find out how you can increase your overall follower count by strategizing your path correctly.

Upload Reels

Reels are fun. Unlike a standard Instagram video, they are much more interactive, as they include various effects, audio, and other forms of creativity. However, to make it even more engaging, you will need to –

  • Make the core of the content relatable and straightforward.
  • Keep it unique, even when you’re following the trend.
  • Use it to educate your audience.

The more information you offer through a reel video, the higher its engagement rating will be. This way, your overall follower count will increase as well.

Opt For Cross-Promoting

Cross-promoting generally involves uploading the same content across various social media platforms, including Instagram. It can help you save your resources and time. Besides, you can grow your brand awareness and audience if you’ve strategized your steps correctly.

The “holiday dance” of Justin Bieber is an ideal example of this scenario. In 2020, the Canadian artist posted the same video on both Instagram and TikTok. He received around 4.8 million likes on the first platform while getting almost 9.8 million on the second one.

The catch?

He was able to gain exposure to more people simply by putting the same videos on two different social media modules.

Create An Excellent Profile Grid

Having a well-established profile grid can help you create a consistent posting schedule and theme throughout your profile. It, in turn, will instill a sense of consistency and offer a fantastic first impression for everyone.

While creating a profile grid, you will need to –

  • Check if the aesthetic matches your profile or not.
  • Have a clickable link on your homepage.
  • Use the same layout or color on your profile.

Post Consistently

Well, yes, posting consistently doesn’t have any direct relation with increasing your overall follower count. However, it can be indirectly beneficial for your purpose.


The more often you place, the higher the engagement rating of your profile will be. Hence, whenever you upload something, it will end up coming at the top of your news feed.

Take Care Of The Instagram Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm works differently than the ones integrated into the search engines. For example, it primarily considers –

  • The recentness of the post.
  • Your profile’s overall interactiveness.
  • The number of followers.
  • If you are using the application frequently or not, and so on.

Therefore, if you want to increase your following, you will need to focus on fulfilling these terms efficiently. Otherwise, you won’t be able to appear at the front of your newsfeed, which, in turn, can affect your following rate.

Mix Up Your Content Types

There was a occasion when Instagram was all about uploading images. However, that scenario has changed quite massively during the last few years.

Now, your primary focus should be on creating engaging and exciting content to gain more followers. For that, you will need to mishmash between various content types, like –

  • Photos,
  • Videos,
  • IGTV,
  • Instagram Reels, etc.

Focus On Captions

There’s a famous saying – “excellent images help in grabbing the attention of an individual, well-written captions keep it.”

But, how do you write an eye-catching caption on your content? Well, to begin with, you will have to keep it as relevant as possible. Besides, we’ll also ask you to make it a little short and concise, so that people can understand it in a single glance.

Final Thoughts

Increasing your follower growth on Instagram might be a little tricky at the beginning. However, if you follow our tips correctly, you’ll surely improve a lot in this aspect. In case you’re still struggling from your front, you may opt for a professional for your purpose. They will take care of everything all by themselves.