Search engine optimization is a necessity for any business that wants to be successful. Everybody knows that most people don’t look beyond the first page of results when searching the internet, so the higher a company is on that page, the more likely it is to gain customers. Even so, when you’re running your own business, finding time to do keyword research, let alone create your own content, can be difficult. Luckily, content creation services are available to provide your business with a wide variety of SEO-optimized, well-written content.

1. Blog Posts

Blog posts are the most popular format for SEO content writing services. In fact, more than 90% of companies use blog posts as part of their marketing strategies. Depending on the topic, blog posts can range from a few hundred words long to thousands of words long, with experts recommending posts that range from 1,500 to 2,000 words. Writing blog posts is about far more than getting the keywords into the content.

The focus needs to be on high-quality content that provides the reader with information related to a company’s products or services. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the blog should be a promotional piece, though. How-to posts, posts that talk about relevant news pieces, listicles, and a range of other informational topics are important. A single link to a helpful product or service is preferred over keyword stuffing and including too many links.

2. Social Media Posts

As of October 2021, more than 4.5 billion people across the globe are active social media users, and nearly 80% of marketing professionals pay for advertising on social media. It’s easy to see why social media posts are a common form of SEO provided by content writers. The types of posts provided depend on the platform they’ll be posted on.

For example, Twitter focuses on short snippets of about 140 characters, which means a need for talented writers who can pack the right information into a short sentence or phrase. On the other hand, Facebook posts allow for a lot more leeway in regards to text length, but will likely be ignored without an accompanying image or video. Other platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, focus solely on image or video content. The key is to find a content company that provides a range of social media services.

3. Web Pages

A company’s web pages are one of the most important places to include well-implemented SEO. The right keyword or key phrases help to ensure that a company’s website makes it to the top of search engine results pages. It is a good idea to have several pages on one website.

Typically, a content creator will provide a company with a homepage, a page for each of its products or services, a page that describes the company and its history, and a contact page that provides various ways for potential clients to get in touch with the company. Each of these pages should include keywords, longer key phrases, and geographically specific keywords where relevant.

4. Product Descriptions

Companies that wish to sell their products online need to provide high-quality product descriptions that not only entice the customer into buying the product but also use proper SEO to help them rank higher on search engine results pages.

A strong product description typically includes a high-quality image of the product, a paragraph or two that describes it in detail, and an easy-to-read bullet list that includes specifications such as size, dimensions, colors, or other factors that might draw the reader in. Each portion of the description, including the image’s alt tags, should include relevant keywords. Many content creation companies are adept at writing enticing, descriptive blurbs for all types of products.

Don’t let your company’s website and social media accounts get lost in a sea of billions of others. Hire a professional content creation company to create high-quality, enticing, and SEO-optimized content for your business and watch the traffic flow in.