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video marketing write for us

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing, also known as web video marketing, is a particular form of online marketing that uses videos to present PR, marketing, and sales messages on your own or third-party websites.

The video advertising segment characterizes by enormous growth rates and has developed into a billion-dollar market. Studies assume that by 2015 online video advertising will position itself directly behind search engine advertising (SEA) in second place among online forms of advertising.

Video marketing uses the internet as a distribution channel. That means that a video upload to as many video platforms as possible (e.g., YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, my video, etc.) or placed on pages with editorially maintained video content (blogs, websites, mobile & social apps) – in the Experts call this video seeding.

Videos intend to create additional incentives to increase the number of visitors and the length of time visitors spend on the advertised website.

Video marketing uses for the following purposes:

  • Brand management,
  • Presswork,
  • Launch of new companies, brands, and products,
  • Increase product sales
  • Customer loyalty

However, it’s always about either branding, sales promotion, or search engine optimization.

In contrast to viral marketing, video marketing often uses content that identifies the sender (branded content). The videos created for this purpose convert into an internet-compatible video format for playback. YouTube usually serves as a streaming platform. With video marketing, a discipline has become established that achieves very high coverage with almost no wastage at favorable conditions (at least compared to traditional media such as TV). An important aspect is the success analysis, the monitoring of the video contributions. In addition to the usual indicators such as the number of views, Google Analytics or Alexa evaluations (countries, search terms, referring websites, etc.) and length of stay, i.e., how long are the video contributions viewed,

The playing web player can also provide the necessary data for this. Monitoring is handy when using interactive functions such as displaying text information services, voting, internal links to other posts, or external links to social media networks to assess and optimize user behavior and the effect of the triggered events.

Web players provide this data to the website operator about all events and thus offer the possibility of making changes to the video contribution itself (if the length of time spent on the clip is too short) or the accompanying interactive functions. Video players also prefer some seeding agencies in viral marketing and video marketing agencies used for video distribution with subsequent success measurement.

Video marketing favors influencers

video marketing write for us

At the same time, the importance of so-called influencers in video marketing is growing. Influencers are more or less well-known personalities with a strong presence on social networks or video platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Influencers can be celebrities with a prominent offline status, such as well-known athletes, musicians, or actors. Often, however, it is ordinary people who produce content in their thematic niche.

However, that can be classic journalism, literary and film reviews, a particular genre of music, or a hobby like model making or gaming. And also, influencers often run a blog and accounts on Facebook and Instagram and a video channel on YouTube.

The B2B area also relies on video marketing

Video marketing is also becoming more and more popular in B2B marketing, and professional video creation is an option for more and more companies. The agency Spiceworks surveyed for their 2019 State of IT Marketing Report350 B2B marketers from technology companies in Europe and North America. According to this, video content has been more effective than other marketing content for a long time because messages faster via the moving image medium.

However, in 2018, 48 percent of the marketers surveyed used video marketing. And 64 percent of them developed a marketing strategy focused on content and accounts on various social media. In addition, around half of the marketing activities for 36 percent of marketers came from video content across multiple channels and platforms. Therefore, the reason for this is the outstanding amount of conversions achieved with the suitable range.

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