Business Finance Write for Us

business finance write for us

What is Finance?

Finance consists of analyzing in financial terms, i.e., in dollars, all the crucial decisions that occur in organizations or society in general to ensure optimal use of resources and improve thus the well-being of everyone.

Finance is the basis and the articulation of the capitalist system because it ensures that all decisions create value and generate wealth. Therefore, finance must enable all individuals to access a higher standard of living.

However, in an economy characterized by freedom of choice, organizations and people can exercise their decision-making power. That is, they have the opportunity to optimize their picks. Finance plays a predominant role in improving decision-making because it is possible to measure its effectiveness in achieving or not individual or collective objectives.

Business Finance

The field of corporate finance or financial engineering consists of making forecasts, monitoring, controls, and analyses to ensure the financial situation of the structure, whether in the short, medium, or long term. Unlike accounting, corporate finance analyzes the past or history of finances but looks to the future.

1- The main axes of corporate finance

Firstly, company finance intervenes on three main axes, namely:

– Further, the day-to-day management of financial resources: which manifests itself through the monitoring of budgets. And also, the management of cost centers, the management of trade receivables and suppliers, cash management, budgeting, etc.

– Moreover, analysis of the company’s financial situation and its solidity. As well as the study of working capital and investment needs as well as the debt capacity, possible lines of credit and their duration. It is also a question of evaluating the self-financing ability of the company, its medium and long-term investments, among others.

– Optimization of the profitability of equity capital or loans as well as current or future investments.

On the other hand, engineering is not just for large structures or publicly traded companies, as all companies may need the experience of a finance specialist.

2- Trades related to Corporate Finance

However, the field of corporate finance offers essential opportunities for different specialist profiles. Therefore, the positions shown are:

– The financial director: However, he takes care of all the financial transactions of the company. And also, responsible for establishing, budgeting, cash management, setting up dashboards, analyzing the primary cost centers, monitoring acquisitions, investments, etc.

The management controller reports directly to the financial director and takes care of managing and analyzing cost centers for each department while supervising departmental budgets.

– The treasurer: he manages liquidity, credits, expenses, and even takes care of financial planning, taking into account cash flows and incoming and outgoing financial resources, particularly in the short term.

What are the different areas of finance?

In addition, the set of financial activities can remain divided into six essential areas of the business world:

Financial management of companies

The placement

Institutional finance

International finance

Public finance

Personal finance

different areas of finance

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