Web Designing or web design is an activity that involves the planning, design, and application of websites. A web designer has to do with how to build and expand a web page as well as how a user interacts with it. Excellent web designers know how to put design principles together to build up a site that looks good. They also have to understand about usability and how to create a website that users want to operate around because it is so easy to do.

Web Design

It requires taking into account navigability, interactivity, usability, information architecture, and the interaction of media such as audio, text, image, links, and video. It is considered in multimedia design.

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Website Development

Web development is a term that describes. The creation of websites for the Internet. Use is made of server-side and client-side software technologies that involve a combination of database processes with the use of a web browser in order to perform specific tasks or display information.

Traditionally, a departmental software or even an ambitious large-scale corporate project is developed in stand-alone form, that is, using languages ​​either compiled ( C, C ++, Delphi ), semi- compiled ( .NET, Mono, Java ), or interpreted ( Python, PHP ) to create both the functionality and the entire user interface, but it fits a web-oriented development for these purposes perfectly, being more homogeneous and cross-platform, and depending on the technologies used, faster and more robust both to design, implement and try, as for use once finished

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