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The Best Business Management Apps for Android

A few years ago, it was impossible that an app could help you run your business. Today, with the mobile app revolution, you can control everything. We told you about the paramount apps to boost your productivity. In this new post, we want to introduce you to the best apps for Android for business management. They can be very helpful to you.

If we go into the Play Store to look for management applications compatible with Android, the options that will appear will be endless. Competition intensifies over time. Most of the apps get updated from time to time and get better. The primary goal is to get as many downloads as possible.

As part of your business strategy, it is necessary to have an organization keep control of the performed tasks. No matter how small, there will be workers in charge of production, and they will have to be separated by departments. Due to this logistical need, many management applications for Android have emerged. The old excel and its spreadsheets are no longer enough. Now is the period to take it further. The app can be the solution for your organization.

The Best Android Apps For Business Management

There are many great applications for sharing information in real-time within a business. It’s a helpful and quick way to communicate from one department to another without having to travel. We want to bring you the best such apps for Android.

Share documents of all kinds, make task follow-up lists, make comments to put colleagues on the agenda, upload files to the Cloud. Don’t forget to organize yourself on time. You must always have an up-to-date schedule.

Video conferencing meetings are gaining in importance and are essential. As well as the creation of profiles in different social networks to mark a growth strategy. Here are some of the choices you can download from the store. We bring you the best management applications.

Applications for Storing, Organizing, and Editing Data

Google drive

It is a tool established by Google and connected in addition to Gmail. A creation that allows the user to store in a cloud and build community. You can create, modify, comment, share or consult documents of all kinds: files, images, music, videos, folders. The possibilities are enormous, and everything synchronized at the same time in the devices you usually use.

It is open from any web browser and is easy to use. Just type in Google Docs or upload the files and documents you want to share to your universe. From there, and with just a single click, you can stake it with whoever you are looking for in your municipal.

We can say that it is similar to using an email but much more agile and faster. Messages arrive instantly. Shared documents or files too.

Its advantages are numerous compared to email. For example, if you edit a document from Google Drive, the changes are saved instantly. You don’t need to download the information, correct it, and then reattach it, like in Gmail.

And whatever happens on any of your devices, the information is not lost. On Google Drive, files are stored in the Cloud and do not go away. It is why it is one of the best Android-compatible apps for management.


Like the previous two tools, Dropbox offers the ability to store material in the Cloud and instantly share it with your contacts. This application is one of the most famous and the first to provide document storage in the Cloud.

You can choose to use the free version, but you only have two gigabytes of storage. You can increase this capacity by paying for a subscription.

The files you save to Dropbox are backed up and can remain accessed from any device with the management app installed. Large files can remain sent, so this is very useful.

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