Content Marketing Write For Us

Content Marketing Write For Us

Content Marketing Write For Us – Content marketing is one of the fastest growing disciplines that has aroused the greatest interest in recent years in the world of digital marketing.

The change in consumer behavior has been one of the main reasons for this boom. Today consumers are no longer passive recipients and are no longer willing to allow advertising interruptions from the media.

The response to these changes by advertisers are new ways of understanding marketing in which consumers are the ones who find brands and interact with them in a consensual way without unwanted interruptions.

What is Content Marketing?

It is a digital marketing strategy that consists of creating and publishing quality and informative (non-commercial) content for our target audience. The objectives are: generate trust, become the authority within the sector, obtain traffic, be in the top of mind of consumers and create a brand.

It must be understood that from the consumer’s point of view , they are in the early stages of their buying cycle: they are looking for information and are not yet ready to make a purchase or contract. Therefore, the communication cannot be commercial and the user will not be prone to content that does not educate him and add value.

From the point of view of the brand, they will be consumers who enter the highest part of the funnel (” Top of the Funnel “) and who will have to work, educate and be in permanent interaction (” lead nurturing” ) so that, in the future, be prepared to become customers.

A way to add free value. “Give, you will receive” is one of the great maxims of content creation.

A long-term investment. Some companies start blogging with great enthusiasm, and quit when they don’t see results for a few months. Error! Before jumping into the pool, you have to be clear that to obtain the best results you will have to be constant and think in the long term.

A  bet of the whole team. If you think about the different people who work in your company, surely they can bring refreshing points of view to your content. Although the main effort corresponds to the marketing department, involving your entire team will make your content much more interesting.

What is not Content Marketing?

It is not just writing articles . When we think about this type of marketing, many times we are left with the first step: creating content around your brand. In reality, a complete content strategy consists of four phases: generating traffic, generating leads, lead nurturing, and generating customers.

It is not native advertising.  Although they have things in common, native advertising has two major  differences with content marketing : it is based on paying space in other media (instead of publishing on our own channels) and it makes use of an existing audience (instead of going creating ours from scratch).

It is not inbound marketing .  Content marketing is inbound marketing, but not necessarily the other way around. And this term implies all actions to attract customers to your business, including more traditional tools, such as advertising.

It is not copywriting.  Don’t be tempted to use your blog as an excuse to sell! Content marketing is based on helping and supporting the user. Overly promotional slogans and speeches are out of place.

Benefits of Content Marketing – Content Marketing Write for Us

Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a long-term investment, which requires dedicating time and resources. Why should you get into this “mess”? These are some of the profits of a good content strategy:

Earn the trust of your users – Posting quality satisfied on a regular basis will let users know that they can trust your brand. After all, if you help them for free, what won’t you do when they get paid?

Improve your long-term planning – With a well-executed content plan, you will have the peace of mind of knowing where your marketing is going and what you are going to do at all times.

Improve your  web positioning (SEO) –  Publishing content regularly is a winning technique to get Google to adore you. If you can get your content to rank high in search, you’ve got yourself an incredible source of free traffic.

Win customers and sales – As a consequence of all the above, you will see how your sales grow, since you will bring more users to your website and they will trust you more. Of course, if you want your strategy to take effect, don’t forget the following steps of the content marketing conversion funnel from the previous section (lead generation, lead nurturing and customer generation).

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Content Marketing Write for Us

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