Ways To Boost Conversions on Social Media – You are now facing the dawn of a new age—the information age—and your brain gets loaded with 34 gigabytes of information every day. That’s 105,000 words per day with visuals such as pictures, videos, and games on the side. The majority of information comes from television, radio, newspapers, books, and mobile phones, particularly social media.


Influence Of Social Media

The most recent data suggest more than half of the world’s population is using social media as of 2021. The data also suggest that the average user spends about 2.5 hours visiting more than six different social media platforms per month and an average of 16.5 new users every second.

This means the number of social media users keeps growing and is projected to continue its growth from 3.6 billion in 2020 to about 4.4 billion in 2025. With this in mind, more and more businesses appear to be transitioning to online enterprising or intending to use social media marketing as a way to advertise and boost their reach.

While social media is known to be an effective tool for connecting people, it now appears to have evolved into a powerful marketing mechanism that plays a major role in connecting businesses to potential customers. As such, it serves as a valuable instrument for generating leads and website traffic for small start-up companies.

If you’re a start-up business that needs to increase your reach, here are three ways you can boost conversions on social media:

1. Boost Your Reach Through Free and Paid Advertising

Your social media presence could help you influence potential customers by sharing content related to or about your products or brand. However, there’s a chance some potential customers might be driven away if your content is too ‘salesy.’

As per the Forbes Agency Council, it’s best to practice the 80/20 rule when it comes to sharing content. According to this rule, 80% of your shared content has to be informative and only 20% sales driven. This could help you build a relationship with your social media friends and followers. You could earn their trust, which could get them engaged in supporting your business by purchasing your products or services or sharing your content on their pages. This would help raise brand awareness and credibility, which could turn your contacts into customers.

You could post strategically on your page as much as you can since sharing content on social media is free. But if you feel unfulfilled by the number of followers or audience you have, you could always use paid advertising tools. This could help you target the right audience for a specific fee. You may also want to keep track of your top-performing content to figure out which kinds of content to promote on social media.

Another way is to consider hiring search engine optimization (SEO) services for a more effective approach to generating leads and organic traffic to your website, such as creating well-written content and in-depth reports and analysis. SEO services could offer the best value for your money when it comes to boosting conversions on social media.

2. Keep An Eye On Your Target Market

A target market is a specific group of people who are most likely to buy and support your products or brand. It’s important to understand your target market if you’re aiming to boost your conversion on social media.

They could be on different social media platforms, and that’s where you need to be. This could help you keep a watchful eye on them by keenly observing their buying behavior patterns. This would help you figure out what motivates them to make a purchase.

Once you have that figured out, you would be able to effectively communicate with your target market. This could be done by creating a more personalized advertisement or marketing strategy that can be the perfect recipe for buyer motivation.

3. Partner With Influencers

An influencer is someone who can affect the behavior of their followers or their target group. They have a strong relationship with their massive audience, making them feel connected on a personal level.

You may consider partnering up with influencers and use their influence or credibility to promote your business. However, their promotion doesn’t always come free. You may pay them in cash, or you may give them samples of your products as a form of payment for endorsing your business. But you could always take it up a notch by doing a full-blown collaboration, such as developing a product together.

Final Thoughts

Based on the above-mentioned statistics, the global population spends more than 10 billion hours each day on social media platforms. This appears to have opened up ample marketing opportunities for businesses. As such, you could use social media as an effective marketing tool yourself. The way you utilize it would depend on your creativity, resourcefulness, and business needs.