Link Building Guest Post

Link Building Guest Post

Link buildingĀ  is the most important part of the Off-Page optimization. The term link construction refers to the acquisition of backlinks, ie links that refer to the own website. Ideally, they come from pages with content relevant to the topic and high authority.

Link building uses different methods. The goal of the link building is a sustainable improvement in the ranking of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) to gain traffic via Google and other search engines.

Link building is defined as all measures that intentionally increase the number of backlinks. Sounds easy, right? There is a little more behind it…

As you may already know, Google builds the index based on information found on the website. Part of this information consists of links: The Google Crawler searches the Internet from one URL to the next. For this reason, the number of backlinks on your website plays a role in the ranking of a website. The entire thing is like a popularity contest: every backlink is a vote for your website, but not every voice is the same

Google’s concern is to create the best possible user experience. This is possible because of optimal search results that are tailor-made for the search input, i.e., the keyword. Websites are rated based on their content, but also on the link profile. The naturalness of the backlinks (their sum is referred to as “link profile”) plays an enormous role

because Google does not like Linkspam. Logical, because: If the organic search could easily be manipulated, it would lose credibility. Google is constantly working to make the algorithm better and more resistant to manipulation.

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