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Web Design is that activity consisting of planning, designing, maintaining, and creating web pages. It moves away from the more traditional term of design in that it encompasses a wide variety of different aspects, such as the design of the interface, the design of the graphic material, or even the user experience with the site.

It is the primary discipline to take into account when setting up a website since it depends on the degree of usability of the site and improvement for the visitor. If he does not receive a pleasant experience, with adequate interactivity, information architecture, navigability, and usability, he will probably move to the competition or not take full advantage of what the page offers. It is also one of the elements that always try to fight against the rebound rate.

There are many more points that depend on web design, such as the conversion rate, the number of impressions, or even the organic search engine positioning. For SEO, the design is one of the most important elements, since it can determine to what extent a website is of quality in the eyes of search engines such as Google.

It is one of the most demanded disciplines and one of the points in which greater emphasis is placed within any company. The presence on the Internet is essential, and design is one of the most decisive points in this area.

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