Facebook cover photo size

The spread photograph is the principal thing potential participants will see when they arrive on your occasion page, so you need to make the most of that early introduction of facebook cover photos.

Facebook Cover Photo Size

Facebook recommends using photos that are 1200 x 628 pixels in size, which is a 2:1 ratio. Because Facebook is always making changes, the recommended size for event cover photos has changed several times. Recently, the recommended size for event cover photos was 1920 x 1080 pixels, a 16:9 ratio and some experts suggest using these larger dimensions as a general rule to ensure that your cover photo looks crisp and clear across all devices.

 Facebook scales down your event cover photo to minimum dimensions of 470 x 174 pixels, which is the size of the image that shows up in the feed. Another thing to keep in mind: If you use a cover photo smaller than the recommended 1200 x 628 pixels, Facebook will enlarge it to fit. And that means a stretched-out, distorted cover photo. As a rule, go with the recommended size (or as close to it as possible) to avoid cropping or distortion.

Free Templates: Facebook Cover Photos for Businesses

Facebook Cover Photos for Businesses 

This free Facebook cover maker offers you a vast collection of well-designed Facebook cover photo templates in modern, classic, and professional styles.

What you can do with the cover maker for Facebook

Do you have a Facebook page for your business? FotoJet allows you to create personalized cover photos for Facebook that make your brand or service stand out from the crowd. Are you looking to surprise your friends and fans with great covers for Facebook? Do not forget FotoJet! Whether to get a professional look or to have a little fun, the free Facebook cover maker covers all your needs.

Create great cover photos for Facebook online in 3 steps

 Choose a template

  • Choose from dozens of Facebook cover templates to get started.


  • Add photos and customize your Facebook cover freely.


  • Save your Facebook cover photo as an image or share it on social networks.

Facebook cover photo dimensions

Facebook Photo Dimensions


The size of the Facebook cover is crucial to design your image or video and establish the right brand presence in this social network.

Knowing the size of your Facebook cover photo or video can also help you adapt that image to all devices. We know that the cover size of Facebook on mobile and iPad is shown differently than if you see the model for the cover from a computer. For that reason, today I bring you some tricks to adapt the size of your Facebook cover.


As defined by Facebook itself in this post, the cover of Facebook appears with a resolution of 820 px wide by 312 px high on computers and a size of 640 px wide by 360 px top on mobiles, tablets, and iPad. Therefore, the Facebook cover size should be at least 400 px x 150 px.

For that image to be displayed optimally, the Facebook cover size should be 851 px wide by 315 px high:

As Facebook adds to its help page, this cover photo loads faster as a JPG sRGB file 851 px wide and 315 px high, provided it weighs less than 100 Kb. Now:

The ideal format to increase the resolution of the cover image if your photo contains logos or text would be in PNG since Facebook itself admitted in 2016 that this format offers a higher quality result.


Facebook Mobile and Tablets Cover Size

The size of the cover uploaded to Facebook of 851 px x 315 px, as I said before, is displayed on mobile devices, tablets, and iPad with a size of 560 x 315 px.

To adapt your design to mobile, you can take into account the size of the central part. You can also make a template in PhotoShop, establishing two side columns of 134 px and placing the fundamental design in the center box:

Facebook cover video size

Facebook Video Cover Size

Lately, Facebook’s bet is to position the video as the form of favorite content on this social network. Now, those efforts have led Facebook to allow users to place videos on their covers. You do not stay out of this trend and learn here how to make a cover video for Facebook.

The video you use on the cover should last between 20 and 90 seconds, and measure 820 × 312 pixels. For more details and ideas to make your banner, do not forget to read our tips to create professional Facebook covers.

In this tutorial, we will use the Camtasia video editing program. It is straightforward to use and has handy tools to make high-quality videos in a short time.

You can also create your videos for Facebook covers in other programs if you wish. If you are looking for other options to edit videos, here we recommend more programs to edit videos.

12 Facebook Cover Photo Free Templates for Businesses

12 Facebook Cover Photo Free Templates for Businesses

#1: Inspire a Purchase

  • You hear a great deal about utilizing video to indicate how individuals use an item or administration. Similar open doors exist with photographs. When you hotshot your topic in your Facebook spread picture, you’re planting thoughts with your clients that can rouse them to draw in with you.

#2: Share Your Value Proposition

  • Would you be able to characterize your business in a solitary second? Truly outstanding and least complicated approaches to flavor up your Facebook spread photograph is to move yourself to discover inventive methods to one-line your incentive and present straightforwardly to the individuals who find your image on Facebook.

#3: Express Your Personality

  • Any visual substance is an immense piece of promoting, and it’s probably the best road to show off what your identity is and the character behind your business. Your spread photograph is an excellent spot to exhibit content that lines up with how you present your image in different places on the web.

#4: Appeal to the Senses

  • Any business in the sustenance business (eateries, providing food, and so forth.) has an excellent chance to catch eye utilizing luring photographs of their mouth-watering contributions. With occasional changes that achieve new dishes and menu refreshes, you can swap out Facebook spread photos to exhibit what’s happening on the menu, alongside new advancements.

#5: Speak to a Niche Audience

  • For item based organizations, the Facebook spread photograph is an ideal method to include new or regular items, alongside your most up to date and most terrific advancements. To augment sway, incorporate convincing duplicate and data about the things alongside discharge dates and suggestions to take action.

#6: Inspire Creativity

  • Your Facebook spread photograph doesn’t generally need to be a spot for express notice and advancement. Some of the time, the most grounded message and the best outcomes originate from giving inventiveness a chance to dominate.

#7: Promote a Hashtag

  • Hashtags are amazing. Various organizations have had extraordinary accomplishment with following the discussions of fans and checking the range of different showcasing efforts and dispatches.

 #8: Feature Your Fans

  • On the off chance that you make fans a piece of your spread photograph, it will enable them to feel esteemed, show realness, and acculturate your organization. Fuse their movement, their grins, or even pictures of them utilizing your item to recount to your image story.

#9: Celebrate Memories

  • Feelings assume an immense job in how purchasers act and respond, so the belief that your organization inspires in somebody can have a significant effect. You can utilize your Facebook spread photograph to recount to an astounding story filled by feeling and even wistfulness.

Those feelings drive choices, change buyer outlooks, brief activity, and can fortify the devotion and individual association somebody has with your business.

#10: Sell the Experience

  • Organizations that used to sell items presently tempt clients with augmentations of their organizations: classes, diversion, social encounters, workshops, and that’s just the beginning. They do this since individuals need contacts.

Try not to sell the item; sell the experience.

Organizations can do very well advancing items with their Facebook spread photographs, however why stop there? Consider how your clients utilize your article or your administration, and what part is the most essential for them. Transform it into a visual involvement with the highest point of your page, and your adherents should attempt it.

#11: Promote a Giveaway

  • There is a lot of approaches to advising your adherents when you’re holding a giveaway or challenge: pop-up messages, email, nearby flyers, social posts, verbal, and so forth. However, a great deal of those strategies contact individuals who are, as of now tailing you. Your Facebook spread photograph is a keen method to ensure that challenges are unmistakable to everybody, particularly new guests.

#12: Cross-advance Other Social Platforms

  • If you need more devotees on other informal communities like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or even Pinterest, you must tell individuals. Utilize your Facebook spread photograph to swap in the infrequent inventive that highlights your top social channels of decision and urge individuals to go along with you there.

Facebook Cover Photo Best Practices

A best Facebook spread photograph enables you to be the exceptional one from the group. In any case, how to make the best spread photograph for Facebook? Twelve viable techniques help you make the ideal Facebook spread profile.

Facebook profile is a simple method to separate yourself or your business from the group, particularly the best Facebook spread photograph. It is the first and most observable component guests will see when they visit your Facebook Page. That implies your Facebook spread photograph must be something that can inspire your business in one visual component. That isn’t simple! Fortunately, we are here to give you a few pointers and help you comprehend the ideal approach to making the best spread photograph for your own Facebook profile Art.

What sorts of pictures layouts are reasonable?

Some of the time, the hardest part about making a spread is finding the correct style. How precisely can a business have the option to summon the right sort of inclination in guests to their Facebook page that will persuade them to purchase/download/watch? Here are a couple of thoughts to get your riggings turning through specific pictures which might be a decent Facebook spread photograph layouts determination.

Match Your Business

In the first place, ensure that the Facebook spread photograph hues and subject don’t conflict with what your business is. Try not to attempt to rehash yourself to an extreme. Be fun, be imaginative, yet at the same time, stay consistent with what drove clients to your business in any case. Here’s some motivation for a coach’s or exercise center class’ page. It works superbly of getting the group of spectators to comprehend everything this is about with one look.

 Be Simplistic

This spread is basic and unique yet, at the same time, done in a perfect and unpretentious way. I believe it’s the ideal spread to enhance any Facebook spread profile page.

Include Your Photograph

In this spread, each image cooperates to give you an inclination; this is a no different adventure; however, these photographs are generally unique enough that you realize they range four extremely particular territories. The group of spectators can without much of a stretch vibe your adoration and enthusiasm for your business.

 Remember Mobile Users

With the number of people who currently peruse on their telephones always, it’s exceptionally a smart play to ensure your Facebook spread photograph size deals with both versatile and work area renditions of Facebook

 Video Killed the…. Facebook Star?

I probably won’t have the next pop hit on my hands with that title; however, recordings are another and fascinating way you can flavor up your Facebook spread photograph. It’s certainly something that can separate you, some promoting patterns have referenced it. Recall that it will cost over a picture, however when progressed nicely, it’s great. Take a gander at Netflix for instance:

While Netflix doesn’t have a video spread now, when you have to exhibit something, and a photograph probably won’t be sufficient land, utilize the additional room time manages you to get that message over indeed.

Step by step instructions to Create the Best Facebook Cover Photo

Create the Best Facebook Cover Photo

The accompanying tips will reveal to you how to make the best spread photograph for Facebook. For whatever extent of time that you can utilize it in your Facebook spread structure, it will enable your image to stand apart from the group and bring significantly more consideration effectively.


It may appear to be senseless to state, yet it is regular enough of a blunder that it bears referencing. Keep in mind that the measurement 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. If you make an image that doesn’t fit those measurements, Facebook will make it fit, yet it will look distorted and unnatural, unquestionably making individuals who visit your Page believe you’re not as expert as different choices out there. Additionally, resizing Facebook spread photograph is beneficial for you.

At last, remember:

  • Ensure it’s under 100KB;
  • Check the great box while transferring;
  • Transfer as a JPG with an sRGB shading profile.

Standards and Regulations

Additionally, how about we acquaint ourselves with the principles while we’re here. Here are Facebook’s rules for Cover Photos. The essential requirements are as per the following:

  • Your spread is open;
  • Your range can’t be beguiling or misdirecting, or infringe on another person’s copyright;
  • You can’t welcome others to transfer your spread to their timetables.

In this way, it’s ideal for falling in line since you don’t need your page to get brought down, and these standards aren’t too terrible. They disclose to us that create our very own exceptional plan is well inside the principles.

The 20% Text Rule Still Relevant

In 2013, Facebook at long last expelled the last occasions of any notice to its 20% content principle, however, while that standard might be gone, it is anything but an awful rule to think about when making your profile. As we state, “words usually can’t do a picture justice,” so as opposed to attempting to pack in 1,000 words into your image, let a straightforward, expert, and original spread photograph does all the talking for you, and your Facebook Page will look cleaner for it!

If you would like to include content, keep it concise.

This model from Magic: the Gathering is an extraordinary method to give the picture a chance to justify itself with real evidence, while as yet adding some essential data to the image to tell you what to search for on the off chance that you need to discover more. As a significant NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD myself, I thoroughly understand Ravnica and am prepared to draft!

A point in the Right Direction

Getting your group of spectators to look in the general heading of the two catches that lay against the base right half of the Cover Photo is a smart thought, and there are some simple ways you can pull that off with your Cover Photo.

Move Right

With the way, Facebook’s format is, your spread photograph is askew, on the right side of the page. That implies you have to mull over what that does to a photograph’s parity. The appropriate response is, you can incline toward the privilege or go left to remain in focus or do other tilt-move.

Connection in the Description

When you click on a Facebook Cover Photo, you get a spring up that incorporates a few writings, including preferences and remarks. You ought to utilize this space and include an invitation to take action in such a case that somebody is intrigued enough to click your spread photograph, they’re keen on something, so ensure you have a place for them to pursue that.

Match Your Cover and Profile Photos

Before we discussed coordinating, presently we should consider it as far as your Facebook profile pic and Facebook spread photograph. It is to be sure critical to have them coordinate. You need to display an assembled front rather than some conflicting models between your own Facebook Profile Page. Do what Target did.


In this way, presently you comprehend the stuff to make not just the best Facebook spread photograph through those Facebook spread best practice, transferred with the correct number of pixels, and planned in a manner that makes click-throughs. You can likewise locate the right clients since you can tell your customers what your identity is and what you are about before they even start utilizing their items, making an individual association with them, which prompts a stunningly better relationship. After their notice, the Facebook post will be the most common by you likely.