Over the past few years, Facebook’s ad platform has evolved steadily and adding many options to use in targeting, whereas becoming infinitely quite complex. Advertisers can have problem in maximizing their Facebook ads performance – so getting more targeting options will be better, however, if you do not know how you can use them, it will appear like you are drowning in the possibilities, and missing out on in-depth features, and this is when you must look for a Facebook ad agency

Try to use less text

When using text on the image, you must try using smaller font & fewer words to reduce the proportion of the text to the image. It is seen that the images with below 20% of the text perform much better, even though there is not any limit on the amount of text you will use in the ad image.

Use mobile-first creative

There is no secret that social media has fast become the mobile-first experience. You need to keep it in your mind when creating Facebook ad campaigns. You need to focus on the mobile-first creative that can allow you to activate many users in the marketing funnels, at a cost-effective rate. Ensure the ads look good on your mobile.

Use Simple Language

Some best ad copies make use of simple language without any complicating things. The main purpose of the copy is to convince the people to take the right action and not to impress them with the language skills. You can remove verbosity and plan to write the Facebook ad in such a way your audience will be able to understand it in the right way. Anybody seeing the ad must not have any problem understanding about your offer or what it is about—Benefits they will get—any action you would like them to take

Use Placement Optimization

Often we are asked which ad placements of Facebook are the right. To clarify, the Facebook ad placement will be anywhere that the ad is eligible in getting served – it includes in Facebook News Feed, Stories, Instagram feed, in Messenger and Audience Network. As per Facebook, the right way of running ad campaigns is to activate all the placements. It allows the Facebook Ad network to optimize it against any placements that are cost-effectively achieving the desired goal.

Write Better Copy

The Facebook ads are well-known for being quite visual. I am pretty sure you may imagine the Google ad with no image, however not the Facebook ad. There is not any doubt about the importance of using the right images in Facebook ads. They will make and break the campaign. Actually, those successful ads have the similar elements

Apply calls to action

Various call-to-action buttons are accessible for the Facebook & Instagram ads. The buttons draw attention as well as encourage people for engaging with the ad. Based on what you would like the people to do while they see the ad, you must experiment with your CTA buttons accessible for various ad objectives & formats.