What is Organization ? Find Some Basic Essentials.


At this time we will p rocessto carry out the analysis of the term organization that concerns us, but before that, it is important that we know its etymological origin of it to understand its meaning better. In this sense, we must emphasize that this word comes from the Greek organon which can translate as “tool or instrument.”

An organization is a system designed to achieve certain goals and objectives. These systems can, in turn, be made up of other related subsystems that fulfill specific functions.

Organization Works

In other words, an organization a social group forme by people, tasks, and administration.

Which interact in the framework of a systematic structure to meet their objectives.

It should be noted that an organization can only exist when there are people who communicate and are willing to act.

In a coordinated manner to achieve its mission.

The organizations work through rules that have been establish for the fulfillment of the purposes.

It also essential that for these organizations to remain able to carry out the tasks entrust to them and so that they can achieve.

The goals that have remain set, it necessary that they have a network of resources.

These should include humans, technological, economic, real estate, natural or intangible.

  • The citizen groups that are create to cover some social need are call civil organizations.
      Political parties, trade unions, sports clubs, and NGOs are civil organizations.

More about NGO

In the case of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations, it is necessary to underline the fact that there are many of them all over the world.

They are characterize because they do not depend on any government and because they seek to achieve.

The well-being of the human being from different points of view.

Thus, for example, we find NGOs that bet on improving working conditions, the environment, citizen participation.

And also, scientific research without forgetting either those who bet on humanitarian aid, the protection of children or the elderly.

Non Governmental Organization

In contrast, organizations that create by the State to develop social tasks known as governmental organizations.

They are direct by the government and finance with public funds.

However, many other organizational classifications can also remain made base on other different criteria.

In this way, we can catalog them by their location (local, regional, national or international), their property (private and public).

And their size (small, medium or large) and even by their purpose for-profit and non-profit purposes). Profit).

Finally, we can refer to the term organization of companies, which refers to the organizational structure of work in the business world. There are several elements that are key in this structure, such as bureaucracy, specialization of employment, departmentalization, hand chain, decentralization, and formalization.

How companies are organize studied by an administrative science call business administration, which studies how resources and processes are manage.

This administration is consider as the basis of the operation of a company.