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What is Packaging?

Packaging write for us – Packaging is the packaging or filling of products to protect them from damage during transportation and storage. Maintains a safe and marketable product and helps to identify, describe, and promote the product.

“Packaging is the preparation of a product or merchandise for its proper storage and transport. However, that can include blocking, reinforcing, padding, marking, sealing, strapping, weather protection, wrapping, etc.”- Business Dictionary.

What is Packaging? Introduction

The history of packaging dates back to 1035 when a Persian traveler visiting Cairo markets discovered that vegetables, spices, and hardware items wrap in a paper after they shifted to customers. Over time, attempts have complete to use available natural materials such as reed baskets, wooden boxes, ceramic vases, woven bags, etc. However, cardboard boxes first use in the 19th century.

Since then, there has been no going back. The packaging industry has been booming as it is not just the content but the “packaging” that catches buyers’ attention.

At the start of the 20th period, a revolution in packaging occurred due to various types of packaging such as Bakelite closures on bottles, clear cellophane wrappers, and panels in cardboard boxes, which improved processing efficiency and food safety. As additional materials such as aluminum and various plastics develop, they were incorporated into packages to improve performance and functionality. The containers and packaging serve to protect the product. At this time, however, these two functions have assumed several additional objectives in addition to protection.

The objectives of the containers and packaging are:

packaging write for us

1. To provide physical protection:

However, the packaging of the objects ensures that they protect against vibrations, temperature, shock, pressure, loss of quality, etc. Packaging and packaging also protect products from theft, leakage, theft, breakage, dust, moisture, bright light, etc.

2. To enable marketing:

However, packaging and packaging play an important role in marketing. Sellers use good packaging, as well as attractive labeling to promote products to potential buyers. The shape, size, color, appearance, etc. And also, they should attract the attention of potential buyers.

3. To send a message:

There is so much information about the product that a manufacturer wants to pass on to the product users. However, information on the raw materials used, the type of manufacturing process, the instructions for use, the expiration date, etc., are essential and must be communicated to users. And also, manufacturers print such information on the packaging.

4. To provide comfort:

Packaging and packaging also contribute to more convenient handling, presentation, opening, distribution, transportation, storage, sale, use, reuse, and disposal. However, containers with easy-to-carry handles, soft squeezed tubes, metal containers, conveniently placed nozzles, etc., are examples of this.

5. To provide containment or agglomeration:

However, small items are usually bundled together for reasons of efficiency and economy. For example, a single bag of 1000 marbles requires less physical handling than 1000 individual marbles. And also, liquids, powders, granulated materials, etc., should include.

6. To provide portion control:

However, in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, the exact amount of content needs to control usage. Therefore, drug tablets divide into packages, which are more suitable for individual use. It also helps with inventory control.

7. How to activate product identification:

Therefore, containers and packaging give a product its own identity. That did by designing a unique and distinctive packaging through the effective use of colors, shapes, graphics, etc. However, such identification and differentiation are essential in the current situation of intense competition and product disorder.

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