Marketing Automation write for us

marketing automation write for us

1. What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is software that you can use to digitize and automate recurring tasks in marketing and sales. Special marketing automation tools help you automatically generate leads, qualify them, and further process them in sales. And also, marketing automation as part of inbound marketing is a holistic approach to achieving more sales and customer loyalty with less manual effort.

However, one thing is essential with all automation: the marketing software does not solve any problems. You are responsible for solving problems. Therefore, no tool in the sphere can replace your expertise as a marketing specialist. You set the course, define your processes, measure your key performance indicators. And also, the Marketing Automation Software is there for the implementation: efficient, fast, inexpensive.

2. How does Marketing Automation work?

Usually, your prospects and customers only receive a personal, individual address in a newsletter, the content of which is otherwise identical for all recipients. With Marketing Automation, you can adjust your digital communication to individual contact segments and thus communicate automatically and individually at the same time.

That works with the information that your marketing automation stores about your contacts, e.g.

  • Surfing behavior of the website visitors on your website
  • Submission of forms
  • And also, interactions with your marketing emails

Therefore, you use this knowledge to address your prospects and customers personally and individually. And also, it starts with carefully selected recipient lists for your marketing emails marketing processes and goes to dynamic website content and email texts that change in real-time, depending on which prospect or customer sees the content.

In addition, with your marketing automation, you automate classic marketing processes, such as the handling of event communication :

  • Automatic confirmation of registration
  • Staggered reminders before the event
  • Lastly, Downstream emails to the participants

Therefore, with comprehensive tracking options, you can track the sources of your marketing success. So you know precisely which marketing measures, collaborations, and advertising campaigns contribute to more leads, sales opportunities, and customers.

3. What functions do Marketing Automation tools have?

Firstly, Marketing automation tools are pretty different: Small and large solutions, market leaders, and niche products. A professional tool should at least offer the following functionalities:

  • Creation and hosting of landing pages
  • Creation of forms
  • Storage of contacts in a contact database
  • Planning and sending of emails
  • Automation of processes
  • Segmentation of contacts using lists
  • Tracking the behavior of your website people and contacts
  • Reporting your critical figures on the performance of the activities
  • Automated evaluation of leads using lead scoring
  • Dynamically changing content on websites, emails, calls to action

However, with these functions, you are well equipped to operate effective and efficient marketing.

4. What are the advantages of Marketing Automation?

marketing automation write for us

Therefore, marketing automation brings you a significant gain in efficiency. Since recurring tasks in marketing are automated, you can address more prospects in a more targeted manner in less time.

Firstly, thanks to these facilities, you will get more for your marketing budget. And also, you gain more leads that you efficiently qualify and turn into customers – and in the end, you achieve more sales per euro spent on the marketing budget.

However, marketing automation only works with helpful content that special tailor to your prospects. That is how you meet the increased expectations of potential customers, who are better and better informed.

Marketing automation enables seamless collaboration with sales. Because the acquisition of new customers is a continuous process in which both marketing and sales make their contribution. Therefore, from the first contact through to completion, the process defines and mapped together.

5. How is marketing measurable through automation?

Therefore, which KPIs do you need to sharpen your marketing activities? And also, with Marketing Automation, you can individually set the KPIs that make sense for you. Everything becomes measurable :

  • Number of whitepaper downloads
  • Sources of contacts who downloaded the white paper
  • Further page views of the contacts
  • Lastly, conversion to customers

You can condense and analyze your individual KPIs into Marketing Automation Reports. From this, you will learn:

  • Which campaigns are successful
  • Which customers are interested in what
  • How the customer journey ideally design
  • Which CTAs work particularly well
  • When the prospect is ready to be processed further in terms of sales
  • Lastly, when is it ready to buy

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