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Industry write for us – The concept of the industry is used basically in three interpretations. However, on the one hand, the term knows as the operations used to obtain, modify and transfer raw materials. But, on the other hand, from another point of view, the word refers to physical facilities. Therefore, this site intends to execute the operations above and, finally, qualify the set of this archetype of facilities that contain some characteristics belonging to this branch.

What is the Industry?

However, it is the fundamental economic activity of the secondary sector, whose objective is the transformation of raw material into already manufactured or semi-finished articles. In addition to materials, it requires mechanisms and human resources regularly structured in companies for its development due to its labor distinction. One of the related professions is industrial design, responsible for planning capital and consumer goods production.

According to the merchandise manufactured, various types under the entire foundational design circumscribe it in sectoral precincts. An example is the food industry responsible for manufacturing food products such as canned food, sausages, etc.

Industry History

To overcome physical decay, a man could resort to different means that undoubtedly made his tasks possible. However, over the years, he used rudimentary utensils that improve and a subsequent technical improvement in old machines and utensils operated. In this way, his growing needs gave rise to the creation of mechanisms and tools. These already represented a substantial period in industrial evolution so that man was slowly moving away from the slavery that manual labor entailed.

Industrial Revolution

industry write for us

The movement begins in a society when its economy stops being based on agriculture and commerce to fall into manufacturing hands. Its evolution lasted almost two centuries. Its origin dates back to England around the 18th century, giving way to Western Europe and beginning with France and the Netherlands, to later advance in Germany, Spain, etc.

During this cycle, a series of economic and technological transformations in which the transition from an agricultural economy to an urban and industrialized economy observe.

Therefore, it ultimately revolution two distinct periods. However, the first carry out around the years 1750 and 1840, and the second was carried out between 1880 and 1914, managing to examine specific changes in societies.

Initially, a demographic transformation finds with the transfer of rural populations to cities and international migrations. Then there was an economic change with mass production and the emergence of large companies, which helped to guarantee capitalism.

The first was in the period that originated in the United Kingdom, and, despite this, it was a process that caused alterations in all countries based on economic liberalism. One of the main reasons it started in this nation is probably because it was an open society willing to change, iron mines. Therefore, it was able to develop the necessary mechanisms to start it.

Therefore, one of the things that prompted the industrial revolution was textile activities and manufacturing in iron production.

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