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What is a Law?

Law Write for Us – Law is a mandatory legal rule or norm issued by the competent authority of a territory. And also, its purpose is to allow or prohibit any action by individuals to regulate human behavior and achieve a harmonious coexistence within a society. However, it means that if the laws are not complied with, the public force has the duty and obligation to punish the corresponding person or institution. For this reason, many times, individuals must submit to the laws despite not agreeing with them.

Types of Laws

First of all, the concept of law understood in two ways:

  • Natural law: Laws that emanate from nature and govern all creation spaces are irrevocable, eternal, and invariable. Man did not create them, so they do not respond to the will of people. For example, the Law of Gravity.
  • Positive law: A set of rules established by the competent authority to guarantee the order in a society must be complied with by all citizens and cannot go against natural laws.

Favorable laws are classified based on specific criteria:

According to the mode:

  • Permissive laws: They allow the subject to perform specific actions.
  • Prohibitive laws:  They sanction the subject who carries out particular behaviors.

According to the range:

  • Organic laws: They regulate fundamental rights and public freedoms and require a majority in the legislative body to be approved.
  • Ordinary laws: They regulate specific matters that do not affect the foundations of organic regulations, requiring a simple minority in the legislative body to be approved.
  • Constitutional laws: They detail or elaborate on any provision of a constitutional nature.

According to the origin of sense:

  • Formal laws: Norms formulated by the legislative branch regardless of their content.
  • Material laws: General and mandatory rules are emanating from other competent authorities.

According to the scope of application:

  • Federal laws: They are promulgated and are valid throughout the territory of a nation.
  • Local laws: They promulgate by the legislative body of a province or state and are valid only in that territory.

Characteristics of the Laws

Law Write for Us

  • Mandatory they must remain respected and complied with by all citizens in the territory in which these laws govern, even when they go against the individual’s will. Therefore, not meaningful, the law is not an excuse for non-compliance.
  • That creates to be applied to an indeterminate group of subjects and not to a single person.
  • That applies in all cases, which implies several points that are neither established nor particularized.
  • Permanent They are formulated indefinitely and permanently. They only cease to have validity when they are subrogated, abrogated, or repealed from subsequent laws.
  • That regulates events that take place after their sanction, so they do not apply to conduct before their appearance.
  • And also, they apply to all individuals, without exceptions.
  • Lastly, non-compliance implies the imposition of a penalty or punishment.

What are the Laws for?

However, laws are fundamental tools to maintain social order within a territory. And also, they establish the attitudes that individuals expect to have and prohibit those that go against the common good or the rights of citizens. Laws enacted to protect rights and establish duties and obligations that guarantee the proper development of individuals and society. All nations or states have their laws; these usually write and must know by all the territory they govern. Laws promote equality among citizens because everyone must comply with the law equally, and no exceptions or distinctions of any kind can complete.

Difference between law and norm

The concepts of “law” and “norm” are related since laws consider a norm.

Norms are the provisions or rules that regulate the conduct of individuals to ensure order and development within society. There are social, moral, religious, and legal norms. Laws are a type of legal norm, as are decrees, regulations, and treaties.

What differentiates legal norms from the rest is that they are mandatory and coercive; that is, all members of society oblige to comply with them; otherwise, they will sanction.

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