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What is an Extranet?

Extranet write for us – An extranet is a communication system based on popular Internet protocols, including the Transport Control Protocol and the Internet Protocol (TCP / IP), and is typically used to share information. However, an extranet varies from an Internet website in that admission to the extranet is restricted to individual users who have the appropriate login details. Furthermore, an extranet can divide into several departments, each with different access requests. Therefore, information and data can be inaccessible. And also, a business partner, consumer, or supplier can only access information relevant to their operations and access to other confidential company data prevent.

Extranet example

Firstly, FPS is a large shipping company that specializes in the transportation of packages and other goods. FPS has several clients, including XYZ Corporation, which supplies many products to its clients. However, XYZ Corporation requires detailed shipping reports and related documentation. FPS has a website on the Internet that anyone can use to track packages, but the website does not provide the level of detail or does not meet XYZ’s privacy requirements. XYZ needs the facility to access reports detailing all packages sent by whom and package receipt data. And also, to meet the needs of its customers, FPS creates an extranet that requires a unique login. And also, the extranet gives XYZ Corporation access to its detailed ownership reports and related shipping documentation.

Internet vs. intranet vs. extranet

Firstly, everyone has access to the Internet. Therefore, people who work for a company have access to the company intranet.  And also, a company creates an extranet to offer specific data to customers, suppliers, and vendors without giving them access to other private or confidential company data.

Extranet benefits

An extranet makes it easy to retrieve data, exchange graphics, documents, and other forms of communication while protecting proprietary information. Additionally, customers can review data in a secure environment while working with their vendors, partners, and affiliates. Therefore, an extranet restricts access and can be used to discuss confidential information that allows companies to adjust hours, operations, and human resource issues out of the eyes of their competitors. Other advantages of an extranet are time and cost savings, convenience, and self-service features.

What is the change between an intranet and an extranet?

extranet write for us

However, an intranet is a network where staff can create content, communicate, collaborate, get things done, and develop corporate culture. An extranet is related to an intranet, but it also offers controlled access to authorized customers, suppliers, partners, or others outside the firm.

For many, the difference between an intranet and an extranet can be confusing, especially for those who have never charity themselves before. Intranet and extranet software supports two different parts of a company but has similar goals: to improve cooperation between employees and customers.

Once integrated into a business class, these portals can make daily activities more efficient, more efficient, better interconnected, and more productive.

Before planning your intranet or extranet software deployment, you should understand how these platforms work, their functions, and how they can benefit your business. Therefore, the better you understand these concepts, the more likely you are to reap their benefits.

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