Print On Demand – Start A Successful Online Business


There are services out there like Printful, what they will do is they will let you upload the artwork to their website and place it digitally on to products like t-shirts. You can then list these products in your store. And then when a customer comes and buys say this t-shirt for $21.95

You then pay printful the base cost of the t-shirt which in this case here is around $7.95

print the design onto a t-shirt

Printful will then print the design onto a t-shirt for you, package it up and ship it out to the customer robotically without you having to do anything, while you keep the difference as profit – dropshipping product research. This is what print on demand is –  it’s basically when you sell custom-made merchandise before it exists yet. A beginner-friendly aspect to it is that you only have to purchase each product after the customer has already bought it from you.

Print-on-demand stores have flourished on Etsy for two reasons. One of the reasons is that because Etsy has marked itself as a premium Marketplace, where most of the customers ask the same question: what shopify theme is that? You can increase the prices, which means a higher profit margin for you.

And secondly, two of the biggest print-on-demand providers Printify and Printful have Integrations with it. See, making it super easy to set up a semi-automated store. Here is an example of a top-selling print-on-demand mug on it.

print-on-demand providers Printify and Printful

See it features just simple text and a photo of Donald Trump now technically Donald Trump’s image is protected under the personality rights law, but 99.9999% of time politicians will let you use the image on products, and they don’t care it’s considered socially beneath politicians to care about things like this and this mug, It’s sold like crazy, people love this mug and if we go and open up this Etsy print-on-demand store:

Etsy print-on-demand store

will see that they have made many other designs largely simple text-based ones and check this out. They have also been on Etsy for less than two years, and look; they have had over 43,000 sales. So becoming calculate how much money they’ve made in less than two years. Well, we can see that it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars even after fees, and if we scroll down their store page, we will see that yep – they are using print-on-demand providers to print and sell your products. They’re using to gear bubble and printful –  the store took action. And well, you know, it’s paid off literally. So I think that Etsy is a fantastic place to start a business. If you want to take advantage of a third-party Marketplace that has free traffic coming to it every day.