Tips to Crack Aptitude Test in First Attempt – What comes to your mind when you hear about an aptitude test? Unnerving thoughts of whether you’re prepared or not, whether you’re ready or not, or maybe if you’ll get through it or not. Well, you are not alone. Many of us, be it, freshers or experienced job seekers have had this daunting prospect in some part of our career life.

When it comes to aptitude tests, there isn’t a condition where you require prior knowledge, you don’t require to revise as you did for the academic tests. Normally, aptitude tests are conducted to test your natural abilities, your natural skills on a variety of matters. These tests are somewhat similar to intelligence tests where a broad spectrum of abilities like problem-solving, numerical skills, perceptual speed, general reasoning and verbal comprehension are assessed. Many companies these days conduct aptitude tests as a part of their recruitment scheme.

Even though there is no fixed syllabus for an aptitude test, there are quite a few ways that will help you crack the aptitude test on the first attempt.

Tips on Cracking an Aptitude Test

Here are some of the scientifically devised approaches on the tips and tricks to ace the aptitude tests like a pro.

Mock it Till You Crack it

Generally, aptitude tests are conducted in online mode. So, attempt online mock tests and sample papers to get the gist of the questions asked. This will also help you to understand your speed level within the stipulated time.

Beat the Clock

Time is a crucial part of any aptitude tests as they stick on to the time and there is NO compromise. However, preparing and knowing the time limit is important before you take the test. It is quite usual for the candidates to not answer all the questions in the specified time constraint, but as you may lose marks for the wrong answers but not the unattempted questions, rushing could be quite detrimental. Hence maintain a steady pace by keeping a constant track of time.

Familiarize with the Test Format

Knowing what to expect in the test is pivotal, as it’ll help you to save some surprises that may throw you off guard. Once you get familiarised with the question paper pattern and know what to expect, things will get easier.

Make Your Weak Areas the Focal Point

When you are preparing for the aptitude test, you will be able to explore all the areas of your interest and can spot the area of weakness. Don’t get bogged down and instead, focus your attention here. Everyone will have at least one weak area that they find challenging. So keep practising and improve your development in this area of skill.

Research Like a Pro

Each aptitude test is different. Gather information regarding the length of the test, the sections included and the question styles as it will ensure your preparations are fully done.

Break the Sequence

While attempting the test, read all the questions first and answer the questions that you know. There isn’t any rule that says you have to answer the questions in the same sequential manner. Instead of wasting your time thinking about the question that you don’t know, just flag it. You can come back to it later when you’ve finished attempting all the questions that you know. In fact, this will also help you manage your time smartly.

Look for the Blanks

Some aptitude tests will have a negative marking scheme for the wrong answers while some tests will have a negative marking scheme for the blank answers. In the latter case, it would be wise to attempt all the questions even if you are not sure of it. However, when the test rules state that there will be a deduction in mark for all wrong answers, it’s better not to answer the doubtful questions, to be on the safer side.

Practice Customised Practice

Practice specific tests rather than generic ones as each company gives customised tests on the basis of the skills they want to be tested. This will indeed give you an upper hand in solving the aptitude test.

Take the Right Stuffs Inside

Regarding the matter of what things, you can take inside the centre, be sure to carry extra pens along with the basic stationery items like pencil, eraser, sharpener and plenty of rough papers that you can work on. If the company allows, you can also carry a scientific calculator.

The Rule of Five

When the aptitude test is conducted online, always focus on the first five questions as these are the questions that determine your entire test. Such computer-based tests ascertain the remaining questions depending upon your response to the first five questions.

Don’t Rush

Some of us have this tendency of rushing the exam and getting out of the examination hall just because of the stressful environment. Don’t do this. Utilise the time well and check your answers after you’ve finished them.

Read the Questions Carefully

Read the questions well before answering as there are chances of twisted and confusing words and phrases. This is done solely to judge the candidate’s observation skill and clarity. So read the question at least twice.

Give Yourself a Refreshed Treat

In order to give your best shot at the exam, you must pamper yourself with a good night’s sleep the day before the test and have a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Eating a good, healthy serving of breakfast before going to the exam centre will assure you have your energy boost. Don’t forget to keep yourself nourished and hydrated. You can take a bottle of water inside the exam hall.

Feedback Matters

Just in case you don’t clear the test, you can always ask the assessor for feedback. Know where you went wrong and start working on those factors. This can be seen as a learning opportunity to fix the weak areas and work on them.

Along with the aforementioned tips you can also avail of the services of educational apps like ENTRI which will help you crack aptitude tests in the first attempt.  Best wishes and happy learning folks!