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Email marketing Guest Post increases the relationship between the brand and the people.

The email sells while weaving permanent links. According to a study by DMA and Demand Metric, the ROI of email campaigns is, on average 122%. This is 4 times higher than the ROI of social media, postage and digital advertising in general.

Moreover, email is the most popular media, at least in our southern neighbors. A study by Adestra found that 72.2% of Americans prefer email as the medium for receiving information from brands. Although we may be a distinct society, it’s a safe bet that Quebeckers are not far behind.

But to build relationships and make sales, you have to do more than push your products. You have to build trust and connect with people and provide value: an impeccable quality experience, tips, tools, in addition to informative, entertaining and always relevant content.

More technical with our definition, email marketing is a form of direct marketing. This means that the business owner does not use a third-party platform to reach potential customers (for example, TV, radio, or social media), but rather, directly contacts them, that’s why email marketing guest post is a much useful tool.

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