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Air Conditioner Write for Us – Air conditioning systems, whether wall-mounted or central, is essential equipment for comfort and health, especially in the context of our Quebec summers, where unpredictable climatic variations bring many periods of heatwave that can compromise the quality of our life.

Therefore, an adequate and valuable air conditioning system has the advantage of controlling humidity and stabilizing the temperature inside the house, which improves the quality of sleep and the stability of the weather at all times. Whether it is about quality of life, safety, and health during heat waves or long periods of intense heat, Barette et Bernard Enerflamme offers you all kinds of air conditioners suitable for all types of homes types of buildings.

Central Air Conditioning

The central air conditioning system, whose efficiency longer demonstrate, makes it possible to offer a uniform temperature throughout the house, from the 2nd floor to the basement, including the ground floor. Air conditioner write for us is fastest, most excellent in all aspects.

Wall Air Conditioner

The wall-mounted air conditioner works without channels. Therefore, it is proper for all types of housing: condo, bungalow, townhouse, and apartment. That is not to mention that it is tranquil and efficient if we compare it to the window air conditioner. That is obviously in the count to the fact that the wall air conditioner is much safer from the point of view of infringements, and therefore theft since it not install in a window.

Air conditioning system: which one to choose?

You want to install an air conditioning system, but you do not know which air conditioning to choose? Monexpert accompanies you and helps you find the air conditioner that meets your needs.

Before installing air conditioning, have your insulation checked

Do you want to fix the air conditioning in your old house? Before choosing your air conditioning system, remember to have your home’s insulation checked.

In a poorly insulated house, energy losses can be significant, winter and summer. As a result, when you use your air conditioning, you consume electricity unnecessarily, and you have difficulty obtaining a pleasant interior temperature.

If necessary, we therefore strongly encourage you to carry out insulation work before installing your air conditioner.

Study your needs to know which air conditioning to choose

Different criteria can guide you when selecting your air conditioning system.

What is the surface to be air-conditioned (a room, the whole house, etc.)?

Would you like mobile or stationary air conditioner?

Will you be using your device occasionally, very often, or daily?

And also, how much money do you have to buy your air conditioning?

The different air conditioning systems available

There are two types of air conditioners: Monobloc or Split.

The Monobloc Air Conditioner

As the name suggests, the monobloc air conditioner consists of a single unit. It ensures the cooling of your room by sucking the hot air from your room before evacuating it outside, thanks to a duct connected to the outside of your home (most often, by a window). This type of air conditioner can be fixed or mobile (on casters).

The advantages of the monobloc system

It is silent

It is easy to put into operation and does not generally require any work.

And also, it is easy to use

It is an affordable device (from around 150 €)

The disadvantages of the monobloc system

Its power is limited

It is generally imposing and not very aesthetic

Its use can increase your electricity bill

That is an auxiliary air conditioner (suitable for small rooms)

The Split Air Conditioner (or multi-split)

The split air conditioner is composed of two units. The first is installed outside your home and evacuates the hot air inside.

The second is placed inside your home and blows cold air. If you want to air condition several rooms in your home, a multi-split system with several units recommend.

The advantages of the split system

It is powerful and efficient

It is suitable for large volumes

The multi-split version allows you to adjust the temperature of each room

The split system is generally more aesthetic and discreet than the monobloc system

The disadvantages of the split system

It must be installed by a professional

It is an expensive system (count minimum 1000 € on average)

Noise from the outdoor unit may annoy your neighbors

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