This list is for anyone who is planning on moving from one place to another, or moving to an apartment whether a city, state or another country. You can also share the list with a friend who is helping you shift, taking charge of everything when it comes to matters like these. If you are the one managing the whole process of moving, I hope you find my compiled list helpful. We can take care of the mandatory objects but by being planned and composed, one can save hours and a lot of hassle. 

Here is the list which not to forget when moving to a apartment

Here is the list: 

  1. Create a Moving Checklist

Moving a house? Are you packing all the things? Before you start packing or putting stuff in the boxes, you should write down each and everything to prepare a checklist. Why a checklist? By creating one, you make a list of objects that are necessary and not-so-necessary. This shall help you prioritize.

Ideally, the checklist should have details about the boxes or bags like you can mark the color or just label them depending on the kind of material they contain, like grocery bags, make-up, documents, gadgets, clothes with every individual’s name on top of it.

  1. Label All Your Boxes

Even if you do not make a checklist, labeling all your boxes will immensely support you. By naming every box or bag with a label on it, you can ensure the safe arrival of every bit of your luggage to the new place by consulting your checklist. You can tally the labels with your checklist as well. It can help other members who are supervising in your absence.

  1. Get Some Extra Boxes

Getting some extra boxes than you actually planned because you never know when you’d need an extra. And make sure you get boxes of multiple sizes. These boxes will help to sort all the amount and sizes of luggage and will avoid confusion as well as any kind of conflict regarding the placement of the luggage. You can name them according to the rooms they are taken from, the nature of sensitivity (if it has a glass or anything delicate). Traditionally, people would wrap the delicate material in bubble wraps but packing them in boxes is considerably more durable.

  1. Do Consider Home-moving Services

I am sure there would be plenty of valuable and delicate items in your luggage, so to ensure their safe delivery and transportation, considering a home-moving service won’t be a bad idea. Ask your friends for recommendations, research online, read reviews on Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp and, Manta. Choose the company that provides quality and fits your budget.

  1. Gather All the Important Documents at One Safe Place

Compile all the important documents such as contracts, certificates, degrees, banking details, etc. and save them somewhere safe and secure. This will save them from getting misplaced, or, worst-case scenario, getting lost forever. It is best to separate valuable stuff from the rest of the luggage to avoid mishandling.

  1. Update Your Address Everywhere

Get your new address updated everywhere and the previous one removed is necessary to receive all your pending and future shipments, bills, and any kind of subscription(s) securely and in time. Mention the dates and informing the old neighbors would be reasonable, just to be on the safe side.

  1. Arrange Your First Night Box

We focus too much on packing stuff, transportation of the luggage and so many other things that we usually forget preparing a separate bag or box that contains all the objects one might need before unpacking and arranging all the stuff. Here is the list of those essentials:

  • Towels, Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Your next 2 or 3 meals (keep them mild)
  • Chargers or power bank(s)
  • Router
  • Laptop
  • Lightbulbs
  • Toilet paper
  • Bedcovers
  • Books, or toys if you have kids
  • 2 or 3 sets of clothes
  • First Aid 

Make sure you keep all these separately packed in a box.

  1. Arrange All the Services Beforehand

Before you move and get busy with sorting out the boxes, get TV, internet and phone installed at your new place so you can conveniently settle. Make sure the fundamental requirements are met and your internet connection is already there, along with the cable TV and home-phone connection(s). Before you sign up with new services, check with your previous telecom provider if they can transfer your services to the new place. If yes, then great! Otherwise, you need to look up online or ask your new neighbors for recommendations. Also, check these amazing TV and internet bundle deals that we have gathered for you.

  1. Do not move on Friday

Trust me when I say this, moving to a new place over the weekend will be a great help. You will have all the time to sort out and assemble everything. Why not Friday? If you lose anything, you won’t be able to claim it till Monday morning as the services, if you have taken one, are not available on the weekends. And then how can we overlook the fact that roads are usually busier on the weekends in terms of traffic and may cause you some undesired delays or change of plans. Therefore, choose Fridays for shifting!

Conclusive Notes: 

These are some essential 9 points, however, whether you start packing or researching the check-lists are never-ending but can always be sorted if planned well before time. Even if you hire a moving crew who can help you move your stuff to a new place – listing is mandatory. Newspaper, magazine, cable, internet, phone, gym memberships or anything that you have signed-up for should be updated to a new address or discontinued as per the requirements. Keeping all the crucial papers such as insurance, bills, certificates, degrees, previous bills, keys, etc near and at a safe place – better to keep them in a plastic bag or file. Make sure you supervise the loaders and all the helpers while unpacking. Dispose of all the left-overs and unnecessary stuff before you relocate.