Healthcare Marketing

Personalized digital health marketing projects to give continuity to the relationship with the target and increase their engagement.

The digital marketing health and communication online have experienced in recent years an acceleration and sophistication that requires new skills to be able to be managed effectively.

The combination of proven technological and editorial skills allows Sanitanova to pursue an innovative and effective approach to digital healthcare marketing . The ability to form authoritative dedicated advisory boards is the prerequisite for the creation and dissemination of valuable and referenced content. The goal is to attract a profiled target – healthcare professionals and citizens – and to favor a successful engagement through:

the creation of websites with areas reserved for doctors and health professionals
the design and management of referenced scientific and popular content
the development and management of online communities
the nature of healthcare advisory board.


Integration of a digital marketing strategy in the pharmaceutical market approach plan
Development of direct communication with the patient for the creation of brand awareness and brand reputation
An increase in the engagement and loyalty of the target audience through the digital channel.


• Lack of reliable and updated databases.

• On the Internet, spam and other types of unsolicited submissions that have proliferated so much in the network.

• Increase in costs because of the use of printing services, mail and telephone lines.


Sanitanova develops customized digital health marketing projects to improve marketing strategies and create new relationships with all stakeholders.

Analysis of the online context: listening to the “voice” of users on the web to strategically select the contents to be implemented and the methods of dissemination, favoring the orientation of communication policies.

Web marketing activities: use and integrate all digital channels to promote and disseminate referenced scientific and accessible content.

SEO and SEM:

optimize content on search engines to generate more traffic to the portal.

E-mail marketing: send personalized messages to the target audience to favor one-to-one direct communication thanks to a certified proprietary database of over 70,000 healthcare professionals.

Social media marketing: stimulate the sharing of content on social media to enter into relationships and build conversations with the target (even directly with the patient).

E-detailing: enhance and support the company Field Force through a useful and immediate communication tool.

Mobile APP: offer a useful tool to the doctor and the patient to facilitate the correct management of the disease.


The growing demand for online health information, combined with the universal use of social media, has led to progressive empowerment of the patient who critically evaluates the proposals for services and products offered by companies and measures their value through the improvement of their own patient experience.

By virtue of this new requirement, Sanitanova offers consulting services useful for the design, management, and monitoring of web marketing strategies, implementing new digital marketing tools in the e-Health and m-Health field for interactive communication in compliance with ethical-regulatory constraints and the balances that regulate sensitive issues such as those related to medicine and health.

For this reason, it’s vital to define digital marketing strategies, which are the guide for the preparation of an effective and efficient plan, to be developed in the right way and at the right moment. The Web acts as an influencer: all people are conditioned by the digital world in every decision-making process, even in the healthcare sector.

This inevitably involves a change in the way of communicating and relating to the leading players in the pharmaceutical world.