The adjective consistently means “logically compelling, consistent, unerring or determined”. Other synonyms are “purposeful” and “persistent”.

Here are some examples for the word consistently to brief you

  • The bank is sticking to its consistent austerity program and is removing another 500 employees.
  • For the benefit of the general public, the government wants to consistently pursue tax evaders.
  • He consistently worked on his career and leaped the boardroom within a few years.
  • As we are into marketing which leads you towards business so wanted to show you the advantages of blogging consistently

It’s a trend that you cannot overlook. They are everywhere and unstoppable: blogs. Kids want to become “bloggers later”, and grown-ups devour travel blogs as if there’s no tomorrow.

Companies also use this casual way of communicating to approach their customers through guest blogging.

Even the conservative Daimler Group has dared to the project blog and now spends its customers with self-created content.

What are the advantages of blogging consistently?

What are the advantages of blogging consistently_

It is comparatively easy

Writing a blog is – relatively – easy. Of course, the technical aspects of the blog are a bit tricky for one or the other and not all logic is revealed to a young blogger.

But tools like WordPress ( make it relatively easy for you to build your blog.
Many fresh bloggers are also scared that they run out of topics. But even this fear is unfounded. As a blogger, you always have something to write about.

There are still some news or developments in the industry that you can talk about. And even if not: then you share an older, well-done blog article again. Or publish an interview. Or a guest contribution. Either way, you do not have to worry about running out of content.

You can build an expert status

By blogging consistently, you can establish some expert state of credibility. By specializing in a subject (or at least an industry) you will – if you are not already – become an expert bit by bit. Your blog articles are becoming more and more extensive and detailed, and you are delving deeper and deeper into the subject matter.

You deal with this one topic in detail and are automatically always up to date. You exchange comments or discussions with your industry colleagues and continuously get new input. You collect knowledge like bees honey.

And that’s exactly what you pass on to your readers. And in a compact form and simple language.

So you show them that you have this knowledge and are happy to make it available to you. You also show them that you understand what you are doing and that you have an idea of your profession.

This will show your readers that they can trust you. Especially through regular content publishing, your readers will learn to rely on you and trust you.

You give your company a face

Because blogging is personal – to a certain extent, of course.

Because when you blog, you write as if you were talking to someone. That means, you do not use fancy and rare foreign words, but you chatter on it. You do not use fake comparisons if you use comparison with others your article may go duplicate, but use images from everyday life.

This will also show a personal, private page of you that would not stand out so clearly on a regular website.
The effect of this is to make you more trustworthy to your readers. Because they see the face behind the brand and understand that it is a real person, so you can gradually win the trust of your readers and convince them that they are with you at the right address.

You get more traffic for your website

What do you do if you wonder what an endoplasmic reticulum is? You will probably google it. Because that’s what people do first thing these days: interview the search engine. And there are certainly people who have questions about your topic.

So, when you run a blog and tell your readers about your product, you’re also generating traffic for your website. Readers who may not be looking for a service or your product in the first place will land on your site through the blog and become aware of your product.

And if your blog is in chatter way so maybe they will keep on reading your blogs and become a regular reader, and I believe that a regular reader of your blogs may suggest others to read too.

You get feedback

And for this, you usually do not even have to create a survey or seek otherwise. Most of the time, you will receive feedback in the form of reactions or comments under your articles. For example, you can already guess from the number of comments, how well or just bad this article has arrived.

You can compare it to other articles and find out if the topic might not be relevant to your target audience.
This is where you get valuable feedback on the topics of your blog articles, your spelling and the interval of publication. If you take this feedback to heart and implement it, your readers will feel valued and consider you to be a competent person.

You can explain products requiring explanation

You can use your blog to demonstrate products that may need it. For example, as an advertising agency, we have found that there is a much greater need to describe online marketing than previously thought. For example, this is the question Why do I need a blog at all?

What are the benefits of this?

Or technical questions, such as what does SEO mean? And what is a return on investment? How do I calculate this?
As an expert, you can answer quickly such questions using your blog. So you show your readership right away that you have expertise and knowledge and know what you are doing.

Google will like you

Since we are just on the subject of traffic and products – even Google will reward you for your hard work. Because a factor that plays a role in your ranking in the Google results is the topicality of your page. By regularly posting new content on your website, Google will quickly realize that you are serious about being up to date. In the long run, this will help you get a good Google ranking.

Google will like you even more

Because blog articles promote the interactions on your website. If you add something like a comment kick or call-to-action that encourages your readers to leave a comment or feedback, you’ll automatically generate more interaction. By publishing a new blog post at regular intervals, such as once a week, you can expect new interactions every week that will make your website even better in front of Google. After all, the communications and length of stay on your site are an essential factor for Google when it comes to determining your position in the search results.

Give Your Site Visitors a Reason to Come Back

After all, people get free knowledge from you. Just because. Without consideration. And if you regularly provide new content (and the emphasis is on it consistently!), Then you have a good chance that some readers will keep coming back. With returning readers, you have higher opportunities for conversions, so these readers become customers.

And even with existing customers, you consistently call back to yourself through constant delivery and remind them how satisfied they were with you last time 😉

  • You also generate more traffic for your website and become popular with Google
  • You have the opportunity to explain your products calmly, making them more tangible to your readers.
  • You give your readers a reason to stop by the free content.
  • And most importantly, blogging is fun. You write about something that excites you, and you realize that your texts also. So, what are you waiting for?

It is fun

The icing I picked up until the end. The main reason why you should blog. The icing on the cake: Because it’s fun.
Blogging is just fun. You are dealing with a topic that interests you. You are researching and learning more about it and can even share your knowledge with others. You find like-minded people in your readers who burn as you do for the subject.

You get to know other people in your industry, and you can talk to them or discuss with them. So you do exactly what you want to do.


So you see, there is more than one good reason to create a blog for your business.
Many advantages speak in favour of writing sometimes negative also but don’t get disgrace.
As well as being relatively easy to build and write a blog consistently, it also gives you some expert status in the industry.
In addition to making your business more human and personal to your readers, you automatically and naturally receive feedback from your readers or later customers.