Learn about GST Invoice and Bill format – After GST, all businesses must ensure they provide GST-supported invoices to ensure they are serving their consumers well. At present, the goods and services tax is included in GST, and this tax is collected from the consumer. Hence, consumers must know what they are paying as a tax according to the GST rules.

To ensure you are offering each information with a  gst explained invoice, you need to provide the right breakup of CGST and SGST in your invoice. So, why not learn something about creating your gst invoice in excel and providing the right information to your customers?

GST Invoice Format

GST registered businesses need to ensure their invoices are according to the prescribed format.  They have a unique GST number and must produce the authentic GST certificate with the gst explained. That means they need to follow the GST Act and create the right invoice format according to the rules.

The ideal invoice should include the following information in detail-

  • The GSTN of the seller
  • Date And time of bing
  • Invoice number
  • Billing address of the consumer
  • Shipping address of the consumer(if needed delivery)
  • GSTN of eh buyer(if registered)
  • HSN Code or Harmonised System of Nomenclature Code(it is needed if the business earns an annual turnover of more than 1.5 crores. For a business with an annual turnover of 1.5 to 5 Crore INR, they need to mention their 2-digit HSN code. If the business has an annual turnover of more than five crore INR, they must mention a four-digit HSN code in the invoice. For exporters and importers, the eight-digit HSN code is a must in a GST compliant invoice)
  • Discount value(if applicable)
  • Taxable amount
  • GST details with percentage of SGST and CGST and the amount collected as CGST and SGST or IGST(if GST is applicable)
  • Authorized signature and seal of the seller
  • In short, the invoice should be a gst explained invoice that ensures that the consumer gets assurance about the tax collected from them.

GST Format

As a seller, You may need to use the GST invoice in excel format whenever you need to produce the invoice to a consumer. This excel format makes everything easier and also keeps yeh invoicing procedure faster and smoother.

You can easily download the  GST invoice in excel format from reliable sources and use them for preparing an invoice. These will decrease the stage of manual labour and time during invoicing.

The ideal GST invoice in excel should come with an inbuilt GST calculator which offers detailed information about the GST amount for any service or goods.

Many software companies provide GST software that helps to prepare automatic invoices as per the GST rules and government regulations. Such software can also help to store the data in excel format for your business. If you are a licensed and registered company, GST software can help a lot.

All the businesses registered under GST must provide GST-compliant invoices to their sellers and include all the needed information in that invoice. They can use GST excel format or even software to ensure a seamless billing procedure.