The 5 Best Free CRM In 2022 For Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Companies


Free CRM – I have tried almost every CRM program out there. Having spent so much time amongst applications allows me to make this list with the best 5 free CRMs for entrepreneurs, freelancers, or small businesses. Everything updated to 2021, with the best options selected and tested. Some of those that were no longer there because they have changed plans, in the same way, my particular choice has also changed at this time, although other recommendations are still valid.

Why this Great List Of Free CRM?

So that no one spends as much time as I do testing the endless CRM options that exist and dedicate it to what matters: the relationship with customers, which is where the sale is.

I’ve been embarrassed by trying everything new and wasting too much time on it. I don’t want it to occur to anyone else. We must not forget that factual CRM is a strategy, not a software or a tool.

However, these are difficult times. We have to handle many clients simultaneously, through changed channels and at different stages of the sale. CRM software is vital to implement the strategy and, above all, to nurture the relationship with each client properly.

I know what it charges to find a CRM app that works, especially in such a crowded offering. I also know that specifically if you are starting, there is no more attractive word than “free,” which is why I have focused on CRM options.

Free CRM

How is the Free CRM on this List?

It is not just any list of allowed CRM software compiled after a 5 minute Google search. All CRM software on this list come across these criteria:

  • Is it free, or has a free option generous enough to work on a day-to-day basis: no limited demos or unrealistic 5-contact restrictions. There are limitations on some, of course, functions that you can’t access or a limit of contacts, but when I name a CRM like that, those limits are generous and allow it to work well.
  • I have personally tested and used CRM daily. Get an idea of how each CRM software works in a real work situation. That also allows me to give suggestions about each one that they guide according to each personal case and advantages and disadvantages with knowledge of the facts.
  • These are usually free CRMs in Spanish, but there are also options in English only. Much of this list of free CRM speaks Spanish or works in our language, but I have not neglected some great free CRM options that are only in English. The reason is that the operation only requires a very basic level of the language, and it is useful software.
  • It is an online CRM in the cloud. They are CRM’s that are achieved from the web browser, although some also have CRM mobile applications for iOS and Android. It means that we have to have an Internet connection and use them regardless of the operating system installed on the computer.

What are the 5 Best Free CRM are in 2021?

1) Hubspot, the Best free CRM Option in 2021 for Most

I start with Hubspot, the Free CRM option that, in my opinion, is suitable for the majority of the undecided. Or at the smallest for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time testing.

Hubspot is an advertising giant and, therefore, one of the standards. If we use other applications and Unlimited Contacts, you can see past actions, add notes, and schedule tasks.

Plugin for Google Chrome and combination with Gmail to schedule emails and use the CRM from there. CRM applications for mobiles. Opportunity management, curious chatbots, and much more.

Besides that, the CRM software, refining a lot since I started using it. It was insufficient years ago, and it served me well. Returning to visit it, I still think that it is the option that best suits many this 2021. It is the one that I use personally. No, we will see what that option is, but my case cannot extrapolate to a majority.

If you need to play it safe, not waste time, and probably have more features than other options, Hubspot is the choice you will not fail and the first to consider.

2. Zoho CRM Online, the Second-Best Option for Most

Zoho is the first free CRM I used, right out of the box and countless years ago. I guess the first always has a singular place, but, in this case, the place deserves it for many.

Why? Its free version is very generous and base on the fact that it has no cost for up to 3 users. If, for some reason, Hubspot makes sure not to convince the team that will handle the CRM and us is three people or less, Zoho CRM should be the next choice for the vast majority.

In favor:

  • Management of Contacts, Companies, etc.
  • Deal management (that’s what they call opportunities).
  • Mobile CRM applications for iOS and Android.
  • Management of how the forecasts came to us. It is interesting, and it is convenient for us to see in CRM what works and what does not in our marketing.
  • Zoho CRM Free also speaks Spanish, although sometimes it uses that peculiar terminology (like “Tratos”).

3. Streak, the Best Free CRM Option for lone Entrepreneurs who Use Gmail a lot

Suppose Gmail is the edge of the communication in your business (in my case, it is). In that case, you probably need to consider Streak, an enabled online CRM that integrates with your Google email, so you don’t have to go out of there and manage everything. From your email jumping from one application to additional and copying information is cumbersome and unproductive.

I used it for the last big campaign that brought me many of the clients I still work with right now. As the movement continued to use Cold Email (Outbound Cold Email Marketing), it did its part right.

If Gmail is not your communication center, revert to using another option. On the other hand, if you spend more time on Google mail than anywhere else, Streak CRM free has good features, although very basic in its free version.

In favor:

  • Suitable for lone entrepreneurs.
  • Visual sales funnel with the phases that you define according to your process.
  • Generous limit of 500 “boxes,” which is what they call CRM elements. If you are like me, managing a not very high number of clients at a time, it may be enough.
  • Follow actions with potential customers, seeing who contacted whom and when.
  • Mobile apps, etc.

As a weak point, it is only in English, and at first, it is a bit complex to understand since it uses a bit of special process and terminology. But, if you survey the tutorials, you will understand the operating logic in a few minutes. Of course, remember, if the CRM manages it as a team, better use another option.

4. Bitrix, the free CRM for the Management of the Company

Bitrix’s greatest strength for some may be the greatest weakness for others; if you are looking for a somewhat simple and uncomplicated to manage customer relationships, better look for another option. Because Bitrix is a CRM and much more, a whole Intranet for your business, with its cloud (its Drive section), general task management, etc.

In favor:

  • Their free plan is very generous: 5GB of storage, 1000 leads, contacts, products, etc.
  • It’s more than just a CRM, with tons of apps and integrations that increasingly increase functionality.
  • It is in Spanish.

I found it stimulating but a bit overwhelming. I didn’t need the rest of the functions back in the day because I already cover them with other applications or specialized solutions.

Its design also seemed to contribute to feeling overwhelmed, but this is personal because I prefer something soberer, and I know that others love it. For anyone who wants more than a CRM tool or has a larger team, this is the option as you can integrate all of that into your free Bitrix CRM plan.

5. Wiwink, a completely free CRM + ERP Option

Wiwink is a very interesting Spanish option for free CRM, ERP, and sales software. The billing and customer relationship management part of the application is free with unlimited contacts and tasks (although with a maximum of 100 records per entity), making it a very interesting option. You can also keep track of opportunities, assignments, meetings, and more.

So what is the catch? There is no catch. It is a request that uses a freemium business model, a true classic. In this way, they offer you free CRM and billing and, if you like it, they expect you to take a look at other options that pay, such as the digital signature of documents, or that you expand to payment options when it suits you. Good and free is small.

In favor:

  • The free CRM is very generous.
  • The interface is up-to-date and pleasant to use.
  • They have other sales and marketing control software modules that are great and also free.