VPS is a popular website hosting services for modern people nowadays. It can happen because a Virtual Private Server is able to provide the best and stable performance ever for your website hosting activity. In this article, we will talk a lot about the VPS website hosting, VPS plans, the benefit of managed VPS, and also the example use of VPS in reality. Let’s get started.

All VPS Plans

Virtual Private Server has some subcategories in its application named as unmanaged Virtual Private Server (VPS), managed Virtual Private Server (VPS), SSD Virtual Private Server (VPS), Cloud Virtual Private Server (VPS), Windows Virtual Private Server (VPS), and also the Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS). All of those services provide various focuses on their application. Let’s get down for detailed information about the VPS plans.

Managed VPS hosting service

Managed VPS hosting service can be considered the most comprehended VPS plan because it will give you the virtual infrastructure for your website hosting activity. Plus, provide you with assistance from their website hosting experts that will help you in managing the VPS server starting from the server monitoring, troubleshooting, website hosting advisory, and also provide the extra protection to protect your VPS server from any harms that have the possibility to stole or damages your data in the VPS server.

Unmanaged VPS hosting service

Unmanaged Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of VPS plans that only give you the virtual resource and infrastructure without any assistance or some extra feature under the VPS plan. Unmanaged Virtual Private Server (VPS) is renowned for having a lower price than the other VPS plans. The things that you need to consider before using the unmanaged Virtual Private Server (VPS) is to measure your knowledge in the IT area. The experiences in working with the website hosting server because since the unmanaged Virtual Private Server (VPS) only gives you the virtual infrastructure, you get no support in managing the VPS server and fixing some troubles whenever it appears at the process.

SSD Virtual Private Server (VPS)

SSD Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a VPS server plan that focuses on giving the user the best component in the datacenter and the speed performance area by allocating the SSD (Solid-State Drive) as their hardware component. It creates the fastest speed in processing and distributing the data in the data center to the user. SSD Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the manifestation of the evolution of the technology. People are used to using the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) for the data center, but today the VPS hosting server is using the SSD (Solid-State Drive) to create the best performance in serving the needs of clients in the website hosting process.

Cloud Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Cloud Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a type of Virtual Private Server (VPS) plan that is using the cloud as the data center in their process. Cloud Virtual Private Server (VPS) has the benefit in the access factor and the backup process’s effectiveness. A cloud server has the best accessible features among the other Virtual Private Server plan elsewhere, and you can access the cloud anywhere you belong. All you have to do is just connect your device to the internet. It is also similar to the cloud on Virtual Private Server. all you need is connected to the internet, and you can access your storage efficiently. Cloud Virtual Private Server is a big deal. It allows you to stay connected and able to manage your website hosting even if the backup process is running at the same time.

Windows Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Windows is one of the operating systems used by the majority of people in the world. Windows operating system (OS) always provides the best User Interface (UI) visual. Windows operating system (OS) is also applicable on the virtual computer in the Virtual Private Server (VPS). Thus, if you are familiar with and used to use the Windows operating system (OS) daily, choosing the Windows VPS is the best solution you can use.

Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Most of the people with intermediate or advanced knowledge in the IT area tend to use Linux as their operating system (OS) in their computer machine. Linux has huge benefits for people. One or two of its advantage can be described as a free operating system and an open-source mechanism that can be developed further. Linux users are also renowned as the most solid community where they are having a lot of online groups and communities in the world. Whenever you find a difficulty, the communities will always be there to answer your question or look for the best way to solve your problems regarding the Linux operating system (OS).

Managed VPS Hosting solutions

As explained in the above section, managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the best solution to fill the gap between your business needs in the website and your limitation. What kind of limitation do we talk about here? Limitations in this part can be described as the limited time, limited experience in handling IT matters, limitation in the budget, and also limitation knowledge in hosting a website.

Choose the managed Virtual Private Server (VPS). You will get full assistance in managing the website server starting from the monitoring process, problem-solving, advisory, and extra protection for your website hosting. It is a real solution for a businessman like you to get the “autopilot” feature where you can do the other thing on your business while the experts are working on your website to make it more optimized. Managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) is also the best option for you if you only lack knowledge and experience in IT areas.

Example uses of a Virtual Private Server

You can use the Virtual Private Server for various purposes. The virtual private Server itself is build to make the website hosting activity is more effective, fast, and less-frustrating. You can apply the Virtual Private Server (VPS) for:

  • Running the business website, which on the application business website requires a lot of effort to make it more developed.
  • Optimizing the personal blog, mostly the public figures, is having a website for their digital environment campaign.
  • Used as the VPN
  • Used as the Server for the gaming activity, and many more.