Certified Tax Auditor – If your company or business is based out of the US, and you are looking for the services of an external auditor that would perform a yearly audit. Some firms provide a dedicated service. But how to find one that perfectly meets your requirements? You cannot always trust and depend upon the search engine for finding auditors, personal tax accountants, chartered accountants or Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), every time.

There has to be a dedicated online platform that provides you with all the information, regarding the best audit firms, CA firms or individual auditors in your vicinity that offer the kind of services that your business organization requires. And, one such reputed name is “Ageras” that provides all the relevant information. When it comes to finding an auditor near you. Here, you need to understand what is the key function and role played by an internal or external auditor. It is to find out any discrepancies regarding monetary transactions in an organization and inform the management about the same. This ensures a greater amount of transparency in future business dealings with co-partners. Thus keeping a track of company expenditures, by finding out any manipulations, fraudulent acts or hidden records.

How does the Process of Finding an Auditor Work?

With accounting marketplaces like Ageras by your side, the search for an external company auditor near you becomes easy, effortless and seamless. As a client, you need to visit their website and fill out the online form, mentioning in detail your specific accounting service requirements. Based upon the information provided by you on the web portal, they would help find the perfect match. And offer 3 competitive business quotes within 48 hours, for you to compare and choose. These quotes are absolutely FREE and ‘non-binding’ in nature. Isn’t it so easy!

You Need to Find the Right Auditor

For your company or business, you always need to find a professional audit firm that is highly experienced, knowledgeable, has a team of certified company auditors and has a certain brand reputation in your city. The audit firm that you hire for the job must have vast industry and domain-specific knowledge.

Moreover, it should be able to assist you in every step, throughout the company audit process. The firm should be experienced in performing IRS tax audits for reviewing your company’s accounts, tax-related and financial information. To ensure transparency at the highest level. Therefore, if you’re asking this question to yourself, as to how to find an auditor near me or an audit firm in my city of residence. You must choose an industry certified partner. This is exactly where “Ageras” can help you by providing a list of such specialist business accounting service providers near you.

Which Companies and Businesses Require an Auditor?

Almost all business entities and organizations want to maintain a clean. And the transparent record of their monetary transactions, business dealings, cash exchanges or expenditures and tax-related matters. It requires the services of an auditor or an audit firm. This ensures full compliance with the laws. And also helps in maintaining the most accurate accounting procedures, without any misleading or incorrect information. Any large company has a team of internal auditors that perform its own yearly or bi-yearly audits. But small to midsize entities require the services of an external auditor for maintaining a transparent accounting process.

A proper audit can help provide an overview of your company’s financial standing, which can be beneficial for making informed business decisions. An internal or IRS audit helps in identifying potential frauds, and also assists in the overall risk management process. Mostly, small to midsize enterprises, sole proprietorship companies and non-profit organizations require a yearly audit service to maintain full transparency in their tax records, financial statements and all types of monetary transactions. Therefore, internal & external audits are quintessential for seamlessly running any small business entity, without any tax or balance sheet manipulations. Even government departments require tax audits every year. And this is when ‘Ageras’ can help find an external auditor in any city in the US, by offering competitive quotes.

Professional & Certified Auditors Available for All Industry Verticals

Any company auditing process is crucial for any organization or business. So, you need to select the right professional for the audit job. Since an audit firm is responsible for maintaining a flawless record of financial transactions and detecting fraudulent practices, almost all types of industries require their services.

Businesses that are generating revenues and earning profits must carry out an audit of all their business dealings and cash transactions. To chalk out a future roadmap, depending upon its financial standing and cash reserves. Whether you’re looking for auditors & audit firms in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Atlanta, partners like ‘Ageras’ can help find one that is best suited for your audit-related needs. A certified auditor goes on to review your accounting documents, statements and tax records, even sign off on these official papers for you. Therefore, it becomes very important to employ the services of a licensed audit firm to do the needful.


It can be assumed and said that an auditor who professionally executes an evaluation of a company’s internal accounting records. And helps in complying with the general accounting procedures. It is definitely required for any business entity, big or small. This ensures that an organization or an entity is in line with the rules, regulations and business accounting standards.

It is to have a clear understanding and picture of the financial health of an enterprise or organization. Audits can perform monthly or yearly. Else, it can perform randomly, to maintain the element of surprise. It is to be noted that a tax auditor performs IRS tax audits, to ensure that the information is entered. While filing yearly tax returns, are fully correct and precise. So, it becomes necessary to first find and thereafter hire the services of a certified audit firm near you. It has a team of highly professional auditors, certified public accountants (CPAs), chartered accountants, personal tax accountants, tax preparers, etc. That can be of immense help.

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