What is Service Marketing?


Service Marketing Tips – The discipline dedicated to the analysis of the behavior of markets and consumers known as marketing. Its objective is work in companies’ commercial management to retain customers, introduce new products, etc.

The services, on the other hand, constitute the set of activities that a company carries out to satisfy the needs of the client. A function is a non-material (intangible) good, which usually meets characteristics such as inseparability (production and consumption are simultaneous), perishability (cannot be stored) and heterogeneity (two services can never be identical).


Serv marketing

The definition of the concepts allows us to refer to the marketing of services, which is the branch of marketing that specializes in this particular category of products or goods.

This marketing specialization, therefore, must start from the essential characteristics of the services (intangibility, inseparability, perish ability, and heterogeneity) to establish financial management strategies.

This means that the marketing of services must take into account the predominantly intangible nature of the service (which can make the selection of competitive offers by the consumer difficult) and the impossibility of storage, among other issues.

A concept related to this term is the marketing mix, a set of variables or tools that marketing managers have to reach their companies’ goals.

The marketing mix of this branch of marketing presents several differences compared to product marketing because in this case the technology and the type of the main client are fundamental. The usual marketing mix, on the other hand, does not include elements that are basic for the generation and delivery of the service.

The components of the marketing mix are the following: Service Marketing Tips

service marketing

* Product:

services are also considered in this classification since marketing thinks a product to be any tangible or intangible asset that can be acquired, used or consumed in a market to satisfy the wishes and needs of the public. It is worth mentioning that even ideas, people, organizations and places can be labeled as products;

* Price:

The amount of money, work or time that a consumer must deliver to obtain a product. Some associated concepts are the form of payment, volume, and discounts. To find the right price, it is necessary to carry out a thorough market study;

* Distribution:

This the set of actions necessary to bring the product to the right public, for which the historical moment.

And a series of cultural and economic factors must live considered. It remain fundamental element of the marketing mix;

* Promotion:

Is the communication process between companies and potential consumers to inform them about their products and convince them of their benefits. Promotion key to the perception that people have of a company and must live done at all times, regardless of whether there are new products to remain displayed;

* Staff:

although there is no organization in which the staff does not play an important role, when the products are not tangible, it is the employees who make the first impression on the consumers and their performance can be almost as relevant as the quality of the services themselves;

* Processes:

Meanwhile, all the phases that must liv traversed for the creation and delivery of a service;

* Presentation:

it consists of all visible instances that may be related to the products and services of a company. such as its buildings, the clothing of its employees and the logo.