Product Marketing Write for Us

product marketing write for us

What is “Product Marketing”?

Product Marketing Write for Us – Product marketing includes all activities that are specifically designed, customer-oriented products to develop and market. It thus decisively determines market success. As a rule, the responsibility for product marketing lies with a product manager who looks after a product for its entire lifespan.

The central tasks in Product Marketing

The central tasks of a product manager include the areas of information, planning, control, and coordination. In product marketing, you require to cooperate with all departments in your company relevant to the market success – for example, research and development or purchasing. In your role as a product manager, you cut across many different areas of the company and work both strategically and operationally, which is why a job in product marketing is very varied.

Product Marketing: A plan for all phases a product goes through

The product life cycle model can guide which marketing initiatives you should deal with in product marketing and at what point in time: It describes all product development phases – from market launch to market exit.

In practice, this theoretical model clarifies demands on the respective product manager: Its task is to look after the product on the market for its entire service life. The model divides this time into five phases: “introduction”, “growth”, “maturity”, “saturation” and “degeneration” (or “decline”).


Your product development – now you need to bring it to market! The publication of the product is a fascinating task in product marketing. That is because the attempt complete to make the product known and to sell it to potential customers. Marketing activities should concentrate on generating the necessary reach in the relevant target group with intensive communication measures. You can do this best with an appropriate mix of outbound marketing, i.e., classic, direct advertising, and inbound marketing: content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO.


Once you have successfully launched the product on the market, it should also position itself increasingly broadly to displace competitors in the long term. Therefore, one of the product manager’s tasks is identifying new market developments and opportunities early on. In this way, further sales partners and worthwhile marketing activities can place and addressed promptly. The aim is to exploit the use of the product and expand one’s market penetration.


If the market matures, the number of competitors and thus the competitive pressure increase accordingly. Then your marketing activities must also change accordingly. As a product manager, you now have classic business development tasks ahead of you: You should concentrate on building product and brand loyalty. However, precise positioning of what your product or brand stands for and what not is essential to assert yourself against other competitors in the oversupply of your target group and to bind your customers emotionally to your product in the long term. As an interface between the relevant departments in your company, you oversee optimizing the customer journey for your customers to have a great product experience from the first contact and purchase to service.


If sales and profits continue to decline due to market saturation, you have to break new ground. For example, releasing a product: If you offer specific software, for example, it can be overhauled and, given a new image, arouse new interest in the market.

Degeneration / decline

If your product sales continue to decrease despite your efforts, you may ultimately no longer make a profit, and losses may arise. If you are at this point, your commitment also requires, in the last phase, the exit from the market: Now, the task is to “manage” the product, i.e., to sell it and, at the same time, to stop investments in product marketing. Instead, it is worthwhile to concentrate on developing and marketing a successor product for which there is, in turn, market potential.

Product launch: Preparation is critical to market success

product marketing write for us

With new products, in particular, it is essential to start product marketing at an early stage. The product launch phase is particularly crucial for start-ups because it can determine the market success of a new product and the young company’s success. That fails if start-ups focus too much on developing a new product and lose sight of market preparation. Therefore, a clear go-to-market strategy in product marketing is at least as necessary as a good product.

Successful product marketing, therefore, includes comprehensive analyzes long before the product launch: This includes, for example, identifying and highlighting the unique selling point of your product, i.e., the USP (Unique Selling Point), finding out the product benefits for your potential target group and determining proper pricing.

A comprehensive market analysis, which collects information on competitors and the respective target group, is also essential to be ideally prepared for a product launch. It is worthwhile to use methods such as the SWOT analysis, with which internal strengths and weaknesses can analyze, and slight opportunities and risks can be identified. Therefore, the more precisely and carefully you explore your product and the market, the easier it will be to develop suitable marketing strategies.

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