Faxing is an old method of delivering documents worldwide, but it is still in use because of the ultimate security and safety provided by this amazing communication medium.

Upon hearing the word ‘fax,’ we are occupied with the thought of huge fax machines that are not only difficult to buy, but operating them is also a problem. Furthermore, we also need to maintain paper, toner, and ink, etc.

But little do we know about the huge transformation fax has gone. As the needs of every individual grow with time, more and more technologies are innovated, and previous departments, which are lacking in some aspects, are being enhanced. This is what happened with the fax too.

Free Fax Service Trustworthy

To provide its users with ease and comfort and to make the troublesome procedure much better, the method of faxing has changed a lot. These new ways and methods have eradicated the need for gigantic fax machines and have replaced them with some simple pre-requisites.

With the new progress in the faxing field, the internet has become a faxing stage through which you can, without much of a stress, send and get your faxes from and to any place in the world. But the internet alone is not enough for faxing. You need to use an online fax service along with the internet for faxing purposes.

Is it Safe to Use a Free Fax Service?

There are tons of fax service providers on the internet, and most of them offer their services for free. But not all of them are safe and reliable to use. These services might include scams, too, which might put your faxing data at risk.

This is why you need to carefully consider the question of finding the right one for yourself. If you want to choose a fax service, then you must first check its reliability from various sources, and you should not start using it until you are 100 percent sure about its credibility.

Lucky for you, you won’t have to look anywhere else because you have found the exact place to find about the best fax service out of all the others. You will not have to look through all of the fax services to find the most suitable one.

CocoFax – The Most Credible Fax Service of all

CocoFax is a free fax service that offers solutions to all of your faxing problems. Coco Fax is a one-stop solution for faxing. With the best faxing services that are provided in the market, CocoFax is at the top of the faxing world.

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CocoFax’s amazing services have caught the attention of not only millions of users but also international media forums like PCMag, PC World, Forbes, and many more. These media organizations have some of the most helpful reviews about this superb fax service, CocoFax.

There are several incredible faxing features offered by CocoFax. Along with providing quality services, CocoFax also has the facility of faxing from any gadget of your choice. This is convenient as you are able to fax not only through your computer but even through your smartphones and tablets.

Why is CocoFax the one you should trust?

We will not just tell you that CocoFax is the only reliable for faxing; we will provide full backup to support our claim. CocoFax is not the only number one in providing the best faxing services but is also at the top with regards to safety assurance.

CocoFax has incorporated all the measures to ensure that its customers’ data is in safe hands. This way, no outsider can view your personal faxing information. You can benefit from CocoFax’s ultimate security measures.

CocoFax contains all the encryption techniques to ensure the safety of the clients’ info. This way, you can, without any second thought, use the faxing highlights provided by CocoFax. With CocoFax’s email-to-fax feature, you can send a fax from email according to this guide.

On top of every other thing, CocoFax also provides you help if you face any problem using its amazing faxing services. 

If you experience any sort of problem, you can, at that right moment, contact the CocoFax’s customer care team, which is 24/7 available to reply to any of your queries. So feel free to contact the CocoFax client supporting team anytime.

CocoFax’s Reliable Online Dashboard

With an easy to use and understand interface, CocoFax provides you with a reliable and dependable dashboard of your own that you can use for sending and receiving faxes from the web. 

You can right of entry this dashboard from any web browser that you use. Here we have described the simple steps that you can follow to fax through CocoFax.

  • Step 1: No matter what CocoFax service you wish to use, you must begin with registering yourself up. You can only benefit from the amazing services of CocoFax only if you have signed-up with it. This is not something to stress over. You can simply create an account by visiting the official CocoFax site. There, you can benefit from the 30-day free trial that allows you to fax for a month free.

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  • Step 2: Along with other info, you will also be asked to choose a fax number of your own. Although this free fax number will be given to you by CocoFax, you will be the one making it. Through this unique feature, you can create a suitable and easy-to-remember fax number for yourself.

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  • Step 3: Coming towards the central part of composing the fax. When the signing-up is done, you will directly be taken to your dashboard. Click on the ‘New Fax’ button, which will open up a new window before you.

Moreover, in this new popup window, you must write all the details that are required from you. First of all, you must write the correct fax address of the person or firm you intend to send your fax to. Thus, There are some optional fields too, like ‘Subject’ and ‘Cover Page.’

Send fax online with cocofax

In the subject field, the text you wish to write at the beginning of your fax document will come(if there is any). However, the cover page will contain the text that will arrive on the first page of your fax archive. Lastly, attach your fax document and press the send button.

Firstly, CocoFax will send your document to the corresponding fax number. Secondly, when your fax arrives at the sender side safely, CocoFax will send you a notification on your dashboard as well as on the email id that you provided during the signup process.

End notes

Therefore, I am sure that you will have no doubt left now regarding the credibility of CocoFax. For further details, head to the CocoFax site right now to have an enjoyable faxing experience.