5 Promo Gifts Perfect for Restaurant Marketing Campaigns


5 Promo Gifts Perfect for Restaurant Marketing Campaigns – Restaurants have special factors to consider when putting together a promotional gift marketing campaign. Due to this, finding the right gift to help your customers remain loyal to your restaurant is essential. Making sure the gift is valuable, and can increase customers’ appetites, later on, is of utmost importance. For those looking for the right idea, here are five promo gifts that are perfect for restaurant marketing campaigns:

1. Drawstring Backpacks

People love wearable promo merch. Anytime they get a useful piece of wearable promo merch, they will often rush to social media, or somewhere social IRL, to spread the word about their new piece of free merchandise. Drawstring backpacks are really hip right now, and therefore are a great way to add a sense of notoriety to your next promo gift marketing campaign. You can easily slap your restaurant’s brand onto them, and you can design the backpacks to be both attractive and appetite-inducing. While they are not as cheap to order in bulk as plastic cups, they are well worth it. You can give them out to customers who spend a certain amount in your restaurant to boost customer loyalty, and retain them as patrons.

2. Plastic Cups

There are lots of uses for extra plastic cups around your house. With this in mind, why not give your customers the ability to bring your restaurant’s brand into their homes by giving them free plastic cups after they order a meal? You can easily slap your brand, contact information, and social media onto these plastic cups to create a usable advertisement that lives within your customers’ homes. You can even add a QR code to the cup so people can access your website, or social media, with ease. Plastic cups are incredibly cheap to buy in bulk and will be a sure-fire hit with most employees that you’re marketing to, so they are highly recommended for any restaurant looking to kickstart their next promotional gift marketing campaign.

3. Hand Towels

When you finish a delicious meal, you often need to wash up to keep clean and avoid messing up your clothes with sauce or grease. Especially if you’ve been eating at a finger food-centric joint, you’ll want to keep proper about your after-meal clean-up etiquette. By giving out promotional hand towels (that are reusable) to your customers after a meal, you both show them that you care, and give them a gift that they can take home with them to widen their towel collection. Each time they end up using the towel for a post-meal clean-up session, or chores around the house, they will remember how much your restaurant means to them and plan their next trip to pick up one of their favourite local meals.

4. Bottle Openers

If your restaurant is known for a wide selection of craft beers, or is a local drinking hole, giving out branded bottle openers is a no-brainer. This will make customers remember how much fun they have drinking and eating at your establishment every time they go to open up a cold brew after a long day of hard work. If you can get these branded bottle openers into the hands of customers who frequently host large parties, the chance of making your brand more well-known within the community where you’re doing business will end up skyrocketing. Each time someone goes to open up their next beer or unscrew the cork on a bottle of red wine, they will be thinking of your restaurant (even if only subconsciously). You can even have your staff members become impromptu influencers for your business in some cases. Remember, if you get creative and thoughtful with your promotional gift marketing campaigns, the sky’s the limit!

5. Water Bottles

People have been paying a lot more attention to how hydrated they are at any given moment. Due to this, water bottles are now one of the hottest and most popular promotional gifts you can invest in. Because they are so simple to brand, and since they have ample real estate for putting contact info and other information about your restaurant, they are also an incredibly practical promo gift to consider. If you end up going with branded water bottles for your next campaign, make sure they are designed in a way that feels at home with current water bottle design trends, however.

Make Your Advertising Delicious

With the right effort and brainstorming, you can easily make your next promo advertising campaign a delicious treat for your customers to enjoy. Some restaurants even give out promotional snacks or meals to achieve a boost to their sales, or their brand’s visibility within their community.