Project Charter Definition

In short, a project charter is a short formal document that approves to start or continue a project, stating its purpose and critical elements. So before starting any project, create a draft that includes:

  • Well-formulated Idea
  • Aim and objectives of the project
  • Project scope
  • Concerned parties
  • Functions and responsibilities
  • The project budget
  • Calculated risks

Typically, a project assignment is about 1 to 2 pages long and written formally by a project initiator or investor. However, due to his competence in project management, it often becomes the duty of a project manager.

Elements of the Project Charter

Project Charter

A viable card includes the following elements:


You give a project a name, brief outline, and scope; this is also where you can cover your project goals, objectives, and requirements.

The Success of the Project

It would help if you defined the success/failure criteria and how to evaluate them.

Project Organization

It should include the ideal project team, stakeholders, clients, roles, duties, and responsibilities.


It should include the available budget, the time, and the number of people involved in the project.

Calendar/Milestones and Deadlines

And also, it creates a schedule that includes a possible work schedule, approximate deadlines, planned project start, and finish dates. Enter key milestones for general project reviews.

Possible Risks

It should include information about the potential and expected problems that the project may encounter.

Approval Section

And also, it should include approval from all project participants, such as stakeholders, project investors, clients, and the team.

Advantages of the Project Charter

There is no doubt that a letter is an important document. Define the basics (and sometimes a little more) that a team needs to get started.

Meaning of the Project

Evaluating the resources required, evaluating expected results, and measuring potential risks can determine if a project is worthwhile.

Predict Potential Problems

Describing a project in detail before its start date can help anticipate problems and bottlenecks that you may encounter at different project stages.

Clarify Your Budget

Your letter should provide a rough estimate of the amounts needed to start and develop a project. And also, it will allow you to justify your investments and purposes to potential sponsors and participants.

Set Time Limits and Important Milestones

Your team needs to know the project’s duration, its critical deadlines and see its progress and success.

Raise the Spirits of Your Team

When your team sees how the project will perform based on your Success Criteria, they encourage you to get down to business and move on. You have a clear idea of the phases of the project and its results. And also, provide stakeholders with valuable information.

Template for Project Letter

There are many varieties of Project Charter samples that you can download online. Most of them follow the same basic structure. A quick Google search will give you many examples.

Below is a free project letter template so you can get started quickly. And also, it’s simple and allows you to customize it to fit the needs of any project or task.

Project Statute Checklist

Simply writing a letter and emailing it is not enough to successfully implement a note in your company. Be sure to use the tips, techniques, and strategies below to help you create, present, and execute your next project charter!

Prepare a Powerful Presentation

Project Charter

Project participants may not correctly understand the benefits of your project or inadvertently spam your letter. And also, prepare a compelling presentation of your charter, involve him in a meeting and deliver a persuasive speech about why this project is significant. Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Scheme Technique can help you.

Improve Communication

In addition, encourage project participants to use chat to discuss the project and ask questions. Thus, please find out how to facilitate group communication, the advantages, and disadvantages of synchronous and asynchronous styles, and which applications are best for them.

Find the Right Tools

However, would you mind making a list of effective project management, time management, and time tracking tools and using them to track time, budget, and progress effectively? Use various integrations with the software you use every day to increase your productivity and that of your team.

Build a Committed Team

Consequently, the success of each project depends to a great extent on a professional and highly motivated team. Therefore, you must know how to increase and maintain productivity and team morale to get great results on the project. And also, check out some games and activities to bring your team together and increase productivity.

Wrap Up

A project charter is an integral part of any project, helping to articulate its purpose, assess resources, and set clear goals. This data shows the value of a project and whether it is worth starting.

Meanwhile, all participants have their benefits from the project charter. In fact, it shows what constraints a project team can have, defines resource limits, and guides those involved in the framework agreements. And also, it is an effective tool for project financing. By presenting your idea well, you can gain massive support from potential backers and your project team.


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