Do u Know About Highest Paying Jobs in 2020?

Based on data of Labor Statistics, a study revealed which will be the most profitable professions and highest paying jobs in 2020 and in the next ten years. Health and technology, at the forefront.

While automation becomes increasingly common, myths and stereotypes about their interference in the workplace are giving rise to new realities about what is needed to attract and lead talent in an evolving work ecosystem.

Also, the digital transformation drives 75% of companies to redesign their organizational model, according to a Mercer study.

That means that the majority of Argentine companies – but without a doubt throughout the globe – went through transformations of this type or are evaluating them in the short or medium term.

A report by Willis Towers Watson revealed that automation would result in new combinations of work, talent, required skills, and labor relations (e.g., full-time employees, part-time employees, casual workers).

As jobs are broken down into tasks, and some of them are automated, new types of work and skills will be required. The pay ranges for skills at both high and low levels will change.

In that sense, the most frequent question is whether the work one does today will be relevant tomorrow.

Another, perhaps more pertinent for those who are in the middle of deciding about vocational future, is which career to study that guarantees a good salary and a guaranteed professional success.

Undoubtedly, it is difficult to predict, but using employment projections and salary data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Business Insider identified jobs that are very well paid today and will grow exponentially in the next ten years.

Works linked to the world of health, technology, and leadership occupy positions in this predictive ranking. Nursing and software development professionals seem to have a very bright and profitable future.

1. NursesNurses jobs in 2020

The Executive Council of the World Health Organization (WHO) has approved the proposal to declare the next 2020 as the Year of Nursing, the date on which the bicentenary of the birth of Florence Nightingale is celebrated, after a meeting of the agency in Geneva, in which Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, general director of the organism was present.

It’s no overstatement to say that those in nursing roles deserved to be celebrated in 2020. With the pandemic, the role became extremely more demanding and challenging and saw a huge increase in the number of nurses positions that needed to be filled. However, this growth isn’t just down to the pandemic alone.

In fact, nursing roles were already growing at a much larger rate when compared to other sectors. There are a few reasons for this, but the main one is that the world population is aging and becoming one where more people are living into their later years and are thus statistically more likely to require care. This increase of people needing care means that there is a bigger demand for nurses, and with that demand comes an increase in wages offered across the whole sector, from entry-level roles to senior positions.

Therefore, Nursing field tops in the highest paying jobs in 2020.

The catch with getting a career in nursing is that it’s a role that requires a lot of education before you’re qualified to enter the industry. This means that you need to be confident and assured that a nursing role is what you want to dedicate your life to. If you have a passion for helping others and making a difference in people, then this role is perfect for you. To pursue a career in nursing and healthcare, amongst many other qualifications, it might be worth checking out a MSN to DNP online degree,

2. Application Developers

Application Developers jobs in 2020

Application development is a set of processes and procedures which involves writing software for small wireless computing devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

The development of mobile applications is similar to web application development and has its roots in traditional software development.

A fundamental difference, however, is that mobile applications (apps) are often written specifically to take advantage of the unique features offered by a particular mobile device.

For example, a game application could be written to take advantage of the iPhone’s accelerometer.

This is a field that has already seen amazing growth in the last half-decade due to the rapid rise and implementation of mobile phones. However, as these devices are set to become more constant fixtures in our lives to come, getting into app development can be a smart move for those that have an interest in technology.

One of the best types of apps that are seeing a lot of popularity and return of investment is gaming apps. You might think that the premier gaming devices are consoles like the Xbox or gaming PCs; however, that isn’t the truth. The most popular gaming device is the smartphone, meaning that developing a popular gaming app could earn you a lot of money.

The flip side is that developing these apps takes a lot of skill, resources, and finances, making them rather risky and hard to get into. You can create a whole host of other apps, though, such as utility apps that can help the user, calendars and organization optimizers, and more.

Therefore, Application Developer field tops in the highest paying jobs in 2020.

3. Operational and General managers

Operational and General Managers Jobs in 2020

They are responsible for translating the objectives, goals, and public plans into more specific objectives, goals, and activities. Control and advise the development of subordinates.

General managers are leaders and oversee a team or even multiple departments to ensure the smooth running of a branch or even a whole business. This means that if you’re interested in getting a general management position, you’re going to need good people skills, communication, and organization.

Communication can be useful, as it will help you direct commands and set tasks to your staff effectively, ensuring that nothing goes awry. A general manager will also be setting the rota of their staff, meaning that they need to be impeccable at planning and managing other people’s time as well as their own.

However, perhaps the most important trait that a general manager needs is an in-depth understanding of the industry that they’re in. This usually means that most general managers are hired within and have spent a lot of time in other positions within an organization. The result of this is that you may be required to spend time in a role you might not like before you get the opportunity to become a manager.

Therefore, General Managers field tops in the highest paying jobs in 2020.

4. Finance Managers

Finance Managers

The Finance Manager supervises and is responsible for the flow of money and the assets that enter and leave a company. In this regard, these professionals should be familiar with the laws and regulations applicable in the field of finance. Similarly, they review and make reports on earnings and employee performance.

This is a pretty specialized role that will require a lot of unique skills and knowledge. It’s for this reason that it’s a pretty high-paying role, not to mention that it’s one with a lot of responsibility.

5. Accountants and Accounting Auditors

Accountings & Auditors Jobs in 2020

It is usual to refer in the same way to an accountant and an auditor, mainly, because the common of people tend to confuse both professional profiles. However, these are areas of accounting that have somewhat defined fielMarketial records daily and continuously. An auditor, on the other hand, has the mission of examining them in retrospect to verify that they adhere to the law. 

Therefore, Auditors field tops in the highest paying jobs in 2020.

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6. Management Analysts

Management Analyst

They carry out organizational studies and evaluations, design systems and procedures, perform simplification and measurement studies and prepare operations and procedures manuals to collaborate with the administration to reach a more efficient and effective level of operation. It includes program analysts and management consultants.

This type of role needs to be able to understand various metrics and interpret them so that it can be understood what strategic action is best for the business. People in this role also need to be able to wrap their heads around big data and know how to analyze it and turn it into useful information that can help inform their management suggestions.

7. Physicians and Surgeons

Physicians and Surgeons Job in 2020

The medical surgeons operate on patients in the hospital. Apart from operating, they spend time talking with the patient and reassuring him. Explaining the need to proceed with the operation, its process. And the risks involved and the possible results. They specialize in a field of surgery.

This role is extremely well-paying because of how tough it is to get into the role. Multiple years of studying are the first prerequisite that surgeons need and a few years of experience in other medical roles. The job is extremely demanding and requires a lot of determination and patience, as for a lot of surgeons. Someone else’s life is regularly on the line. The job can also demand a lot of long hours, which can lead to fatigue. This can create a lot of stress. Which surgeons will have to learn how to manage, but the reward is a good financial incentive and immense satisfaction when an operation goes well.

Furthermore, skilled surgeons will also have the opportunity to start their own private practice. Which can be extremely lucrative if it takes off. When starting a private practice, surgeons can offer various treatments, with cosmetic surgery being a really high-demand industry that might be worth considering.

8. Market research analysts and marketing specialists

Market Research Analyst & Market Specialist Jobs in 2020

They investigate market conditions at the local, regional, or national level to determine the sales potential of a product or service or create marketing campaigns. They can collect information about competitors, prices, sales and marketing, and distribution methods.

A market research analyst can be considered a vital role for new businesses. Who have ambitions of turning into a big company. As these specialists help companies to understand the marketplace. Their competition, and their audience Their skills will help inform businesses. What the best plan of action is to help maximize their sales, reputation, and potential.

With businesses becoming bigger online entities, a marketing specialist will also be in high demand to help these businesses navigate. The digital world and best utilize social media and SEO so that they can grow their influence on this platform.

This a role that’s set to rise and grow in demand, making it a great one to get into.

9. Managers

Managers Jobs in 2020

The term manager is a person who in a given company or organization has the responsibility and the tasks of guiding others, of executing and delivering orders and of getting things done to be able to comply with the right and correct objective and mission that promotes the organization. 



A lawyer is a doctor or law graduate who is responsible for the defense. And direction of the parties involved in judicial or administrative proceedings. You can also provide legal advice to san diego employment lawyers.

Lawyers are essential within the justice system, meaning that as long as there are crimes or conflicts. Between individuals that need to settled in court, there will be a demand for lawyers. The role is also extremely diverse, as you can specialize in various different aspects of the law. In fact, picking a specialty is encourage. As attempting to become an expert in everything within the law is a mammoth task and might mean. You don’t get as depth an understanding which can harm a potential career.

Like a lot of the other roles mentioned, to get into law, you need to study. For a long period of time and then pass various exams To stand a chance. For this reason, being a lawyer is one of the most well-paying roles out there and is something. That you should consider if you feel that you’re academically capable of it.

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