What is Quality? – Its Perspectives, Conditions and More

Definition of Quality

The term quality refers to that property or to all of them that are present in people or things. And that is ultimately allows us to appreciate and compare them to the rest.

Good Versus Poor Quality

However, it is worth indicating that the [quality] may be valued in terms of good or poor quality.

When something is to have a merit, it is because it represents the superiority of the product comparing to others.

While when something is of poor [quality], it is because in the comparison it loses. Its peers widely surpass it.

Different Perspectives of Quality

What [quality] and how to realize when we are not facing a thing that represents the quality among its characteristics.

At the request of a product or a service, the quality will be the perception that it is the client.

If it meets your expectations or not, will be the conditions that determine the [quality] of the goods in question.

For example, if I had to carry out a procedure at the central and national post office of my country.

I was treated very kindly and the questions for which I attend was so quickly.

I will have the best references for the place and what I will appreciate it as a place of excellent quality.

Conditions that Determine the Quality

In this case or in that of a consumer product, the qualitative and quantitative differentiation that is well-known concerning some required attributes.

As we said, if this or that product or service was satisfactory in satisfying my desires and needs, from that moment, it will be understood as a quality product or service.

The [quality] of the product can depend on this how it responds to needs that the client experiences. Although the class can also determine if that product or service provides value to its client or user.

For example, If we buy a shirt, and when washing it for the first time, and despite respecting the washing instructions, a hole is CONTINUE. We will determine that the garment is not of good quality.

Because it cannot be washed once and broken, the fabric is not good quality.

Three Essential Questions can Determine the Good or Bad [Quality] of a Product or Service:

The technical dimension which covers those technological and scientific aspects that affect an outcome of the human-size, which is one stresses that caring for the company relationship with the client and the economic dimension.

One of them is always seeking to balance and minimize the cost for both the client and the company.

Other aspects that do not fall within the stated dimensions but that undoubtedly intervene. When it comes to talking about the good or bad quality are the fair quantity of the product that offers its exact price, and the speed in terms of its distribution.

Most companies, to provide their customers with an excellent service or product, follow specific rules.

That work as rules and that are in charge of normalizing the process from the creation of the product to the moment of use by the customer.

The determination of the quality of goods or services by the client will be crucial. When recommending or not the brand in question.

Of course, if the experience is good, it will be recommend to everyone, and even the brand will choose again.

As we said, the newly bought shirt broke at the first wash.We will full of a hyper negative image of the brand.

And we will not tend to recommend or buy anything from that brand again.

Other Uses of the Word

On the other hand, when you want to account for someone’s superiority or excellence, importance, class, or condition, the term quality is choose to refer to it.

Quality of Life

The quality of life is a concept that we use to indicate the well-being that rules or reigns.

On the contrary, the absence of that well-being in almost all aspects leads to consider a poor [quality] of life.

Some several levels and aspects are calculating to determine the quality of life of  inhabitants of a country, including: Health, economic situation, social relations, a development that prevails in the place, and mental health. When all these variables are on the rise, they are reasonable. We will talk about the excellent quality of life.

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