Affiliate marketing is a branch of marketing that allows website owners to make money online by entering advertising on their sites. A simple system that can give benefits and minimal risk.
The affiliation system involves three parts: the advertiser, the Owner of the ads and the one who offers the service or product, the publisher, owner or owner of a website, blog or bulletin that will contain the advertising, the network of Affiliates, which is the system that will manage the settlement of the two people involved in the transaction.

Affiliate marketing

How does affiliate marketing work?

To start earning money online with the affiliation, you must have a website or a blog, to be able to enter the announcements of which you have reached an agreement with the affiliate. Agreements and economic transactions are usually managed by affiliate networks, which allow companies to establish a cooperation agreement, where companies should be interested in the strictly bureaucratic part, the technical task will be managed by the editor that must include the ad code in your web space. These ads can be represented in the form of banners, pop-ups or structures to be completed by the user.

How do you earn with affiliate marketing?

The distribution patterns of the commissions are mainly four and all linked to the actions that each user will convert in the website:

PPS (Pay per Sale)

The publisher will receive a commission for the successful sale when the user arrives at the advertiser’s site through the ad, an option used mainly by large e-commerce stores such as Amazon.

PPC (pay per click)

The advertiser pays the fee each time a user clicks on the ad, similar to the system that Google Adsense uses to reward those who host their advertising sites.

PPL (Pay Per Lead)

The advertiser is a distributor of a product. Which needs to create a database with user records. An advertiser could, for example, request registration in a newsletter or the viral propagation of a video. It’s understood that the advertiser will pay the commission to the editor each time a user performs the requested action (registration, sending of a video, etc.).

PPV (Pay per View)

The simplest model. In this case, the advertiser will pay the commission on the individual visits obtained on the publisher’s site whenever a user sees the ad.
How to start affiliate marketing?

affiliate-marketing 2

To make money online through the affiliate system it is essential to know first of all that you have to have a website or blog that has enough visits to be able to have satisfactory results. The first step is to get a niche where you can generate many visits by optimizing your blog and have good SEO. The best thing is to choose a market niche yet to remain explored, they are challenging to obtain but some remains.

To achieve good results, it is also convenient to know the best analytical tools that allow you to have a broad view of the behavior of visitors on your website. Google Analytics, for example, is a very good option, where you can keep a very detailed follow-up, such as getting more information about the number of visitors, the reading times, the abandonment rate during the visitors’ reading, the price of return on the site and, above all, the most searched keywords by users.

Forge an affiliation agreement

Once you have a site with a stable or growing number of visitors, you can choose from the various existing options in the affiliate marketing market. Nowadays, almost all large e-commerce stores offer their affiliate programs. If you search online, you will discover the companies or systems that are closest to your project, taking into account, of course, the percentages paid for each conversion.

Social networks and affiliates

To increase visits to your site, and with them the possibility of conversion in the banners of advertisers, it is always advisable to invest time in social networks. Spend time on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages to expand your fans and increase your chances of making money online through affiliate programs.

Measures for SEO purposes

However, Google could see an affiliate link as a spam site, so you should be very careful when using the rel = ” nofollow” attribute when we insert the connection with the tracking code in our blog. Through this measure, we will tell the search engine not to pass part of the strength of that link.