This article discusses the intricacies of the Spanish term “La Casa de los Famosos Vota,” which means the House of Famous People votes. It explores its mechanics, impact on the show’s narrative, and the broader implications for the relationship between reality TV and its audience. In reality TV, few shows capture the public’s imagination, like Telemundo’s “La Casa de los Famosos” (The House of Famous People). It’s a microcosm of drama, alliances, and betrayals, all played out under the watchful eye of millions. But what truly sets it apart is the power vested in the viewers: the ability to directly influence the fate of these celebrities through the weekly vote.

Format Of La Casa De Los Famosos

Format Of La Casa De Los Famosos

La Casa De Los Famosos each season revolves around a group of celebrities living together in a house without communication with the outside world as they compete for a $200,000 prize. They are constantly filmed during their time in the house and cannot communicate with those filming them. Every week, the public at home can vote on which participant to evict via the show’s main website. Viewers can view inside the house at any time with the live feeds.

The Mechanics of Fandom Power:

Voting in “La Casa de los Famosos” is a straightforward affair, accessible through both the show’s website and the Telemundo app. Viewers can cast their ballots for their favorite contestant throughout the week, with the voting period closing during the live Sunday night gala. The number of votes per user depends on their subscription status: non-subscribers get one vote per contestant per day, while ViX Premium subscribers can unleash a whopping ten votes per contestant per day.

This tiered voting system introduces an interesting wrinkle into the democratic ideal. While everyone gets a say, some voices are demonstrably louder than others. It raises questions about the potential for financial influence in a supposedly democratic process, where dedicated fans with deeper pockets can potentially sway the outcome in favor of their chosen champion.

The Vote’s Impact on the Narrative:

The Vote's Impact on the Narrative_

The weekly vote isn’t just about eliminating contestants; it’s a potent tool that shapes the show’s narrative. The threat of elimination hangs heavy over the housemates, influencing their strategic alliances, confessionals, and day-to-day interactions. Knowing that the audience is watching, judging, and ultimately wielding the power of elimination, the contestants constantly play to the camera, vying for the viewers’ favor.

This dynamic creates a fascinating interplay between the show’s scripted elements and the contestants’ unscripted reactions. The vote becomes a meta-narrative, a constant reminder that the real power lies with the producers and the viewers at home. Viewers can cast one vote per participant per day. ViX Premium subscribers can cast 10 votes per participant per day.

How To Vote For A Participant In La Casa de los Famosos

There are two ways to vote for a participant in La Casa de los Famosos:

  1. Vote through the Telemundo App
  2. Vote through the Telemundo website

To vote through the Telemundo App, follow these steps:

  • Open the Telemundo App on your mobile device.
  • Tap the house icon on the home screen.
  • Tap the “Vote” button.
  • Select the participant you want to vote for.
  • Tap the “Vote” button.

To vote through the Telemundo website, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Telemundo website.
  • Click on the La Casa de los Famosos banner.
  • Click the “Vote” button.
  • Select the participant you like to vote for.
  • Click the “Vote” button.

Beyond “La Casa de los Famosos”: A Broader Look at Reality TV Voting:

Beyond _La Casa de los Famosos__ A Broader Look at Reality TV Voting_

The “La Casa de los Famosos” vote is just one example of a growing trend in reality TV. Shows like “American Idol,” “Survivor,” and even “The Bachelor” have empowered viewers to decide the fates of their on-screen heroes and villains. This participatory element adds a layer of engagement that traditional television can’t replicate, blurring the lines between audience and participant.

However, this trend also comes with its own set of challenges. Concerns about manipulation, both by the shows themselves and by dedicated fan groups, raise questions about the integrity of the voting process. Additionally, the focus on eliminations and competition can overshadow the human element of the show, reducing the contestants to mere pawns in a giant game.

Who wins La Casa de los Famosos?

The contestant with the most votes at the end of the program wins La Casa de los Famosos.  Four Winners of The House of the Famous in all seasons are;

  • Season 1 (United States): Alicia Machado
  • Season 2 (United States): Gaby Spanic
  • Season 3 (Mexico): Manelyk Gonzalez
  • Season 4 (Mexico): Alicia Machado


The “La Casa de los Famosos” vote is a powerful tool that democratizes the reality TV experience, giving viewers a direct say in the show’s outcome. However, it’s crucial to approach this power with a critical eye, recognizing its limitations and potential pitfalls. Ultimately, the success of this participatory model hinges on a delicate balance between audience engagement, narrative integrity, and the well-being of the contestants themselves.

As reality TV continues to evolve, the “La Casa de los Famosos” vote serves as a valuable case study in the ever-shifting relationship between viewers, producers, and the celebrities who inhabit these televised worlds. It’s a reminder that the power of the vote, both within the show and in the broader context of our media consumption, deserves careful consideration and ongoing dialogue.